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Terrible Product

This product has left me with new scars as it takes off your skin when your remove it. Furthermore, my skin was left very red and itchy from the adhesive so much so that I have had to take medication to resolve. I contacted the company for a refund on remaining boxes and support but they never respond READ MORE

Chin Micro Lipo - results seem to be regressing

I used this board a lot before my procedure so i wanted to share my experince. I had my procedure yesterday, felt only a little uncomfortable. I could feel the liposuction tool moving in my neck was a little weird but it wasn't painful. After my procedure I took codeine and was sick. The clinic had to give me anti sickness injections. The chinstrap is claustrophobic. It feels like it... READ MORE

Questions from Hunterlo

Dr's Credentials - Lipo?

I am interested in getting micro lipo. The dr has the following credentials: member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the British Association of Cosmetic... READ MORE

Chin Lipo Risks?

I am looking to get turmulescent micro lipo and I have been reading about all the risks...nerve damage, skin necrosis.. Etc. Can someone advise the % likelihood of risk? I am... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction 5 Days Ago? (photo)

I had chin lipo 5 days ago and a small raised black line has formed under my chin today. Could this be a bruised vein or something? Is it anything to worry about? Thanks. READ MORE

Chin Lipo - Lumps? (photo)

I had chin lipo around 2.5 weeks ago, and I have developed a soft/ fatty like lump under my chin. I have included a photo. Front on, the lipo results look great, but side on it... READ MORE

Will MicroLipo treatment be suitable for my stretch marks on my arms? (photos)

Hi threre I have some slights stretch marks on my arm and I wanted to check suitability for microlipo. My doctor says it's fine but I want to get a second opinion. Thanks READ MORE

Breast lift vs reduction?

I have booked a breast uplift, I am an 38F cup and I told my doctor I am looking to get to a DD approx. Should I have booked a breast reduction instead? READ MORE

Breast uplift/reduction - how long after can I lift my baby?

My baby weighs 22lbs. I am wondering how long should it be after that I can carry him (even if for short periods)? I have someone to look after him for the first 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Recent comments from Hunterlo

Same thing happened to me and the won't respond to my messages READ COMMENT

Hello Did you get the cup size reduction with a breast lift alone or did you book a breast reduction? I am looking to get the same. READ COMMENT

How did it go? I am also considering micro lipo in london READ COMMENT

Thanks for your message! So far so good, no problems at all. May have liked a little more fat gone, but maybe I'm still a bit swollen :) your results look amazing... READ COMMENT

It's day 3 post op and I feel quite swollen today. My neck feels slightly warm, hope I am not getting infection or anything. Hopefully this swelling is normal. I read that lumps often appear after a week. Trying to wear my chin... READ COMMENT