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Replace Old Veneers with New, Not As Happy with the Result As I Had Hoped - Trenton, NJ

My original veneers were put on in 1989. I had them on the front 6 teeth. They held up pretty well, but my gums were receding a bit and my front one was crooked (never noticed until recently). My family dentist said he could do them at a fraction of the price of a cosmetic dentist so I agreed. He took impressions before and then grounded (grinded?) off the old ones and took impressions again.... READ MORE

So Far, So Good...- East Windsor, NJ

I am 48 years old and had been seeing the same doctor for years for botox. I got to the point where I felt like I needed a little more of something. I looked tired and my eyes were sunken in. At first he recommended fillers but then mentioned Sculptra. I made an appt for mid-July. I figured that would give enough time to research more and change my mind (after reading this board!). Turned out... READ MORE

Questions from staceyv64

Does front left Veneer look too big & ridiculous? Is it possible to correct it with the other Veneers already in place? (photo)

I just had my veneers redone. During the first attempt, the front left didnt fit correctly. The dentist sent it back but did the other 5. I went back a week later for the 6th.... READ MORE

Unhappy with new veneers, do I have to pay again to have them redone or is it the dentist's responsibility? (Photos)

I am midway thru my treatment plan. Some veneers had to go back to the lab, 2 were applied (fangs) as well as 3 molar crowns. I hate the left side where 1 crown and veneer were... READ MORE

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Looking forward to your update. I'm glad your dentist is redoing them for you and you feel like you are in good hands. That is so important. My next appointment is June 14. Hopefully the one veneer that is left will fit correctly. There... READ COMMENT

Thank you! The dentist is great but it's been a frustratingly long process. I have been in temps since 2/1. I am thankful for his meticulousness! I think the one thing I have learned is that perfection is in the eye of the beholder and... READ COMMENT

My redo appt is April 4, the 4 front temps and the 2 on the left side will be cut off and redone. And then I go back May 3. I was hoping it wouldn't be so long but the block of 4 hour appointments are hard to come by. Patience! In the... READ COMMENT

Those were just the temps - i am not going with that color. the real veneer color is brighter than my lowers, but not nearly as bright as the temps. and i am bleaching the bottoms. READ COMMENT

I forgot to ask. Going back on 3/8, will ask! READ COMMENT