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I Am Asian and I Have a Natural, Defined Eye Crease, But I Want my Crease to Be Even Higher?

Hi, Im a 20 year old Asian female. I was born with a natural and defined eye crease (rare but not impossible). However, I want my crease to be more defined because I noticed... READ MORE

Botox Injection for Uneven Masseter Muscles? How Many Units Do I Need? (photo)

Hi, I have never had any botox injections before so Im a little concerned. My face is a little bit assymetrical along the jawline. At first I thought it was my bone shape but... READ MORE

Chin Implant - Am I a Good Candidate? (Photos)

Hi. I'm considering a chin implant to elongate my face shape. My face is pretty round and the right side of my jaw is bigger and more prominent than my left (assymetrical face... READ MORE

Facial Bone Contouring of Jawline. Is This a High-risk Procedure? (photo)

Im a 20 year old female of Asian descent. I have a square and assymetrical jaw that is mostly caused by my large masseter muscles and possibly my bone structure. I considered... READ MORE

Will my breast augumentation look natural (currently a size 34 B, going to D cup)? (Photo)

Hello. I have been wanting a breast augumentation for quite some time ( I'm currently 34 B). I'm just worried that implants will look unnatural on me. I noticed that women that... READ MORE

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Ouch! So sorry to hear about the bad experience. It's really sad how they didn't show any concern towards you even though you were bruised all over. I hope everything is going well. You have all my blessings. READ COMMENT