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I would really try not to be upset about the scar because, although its a pain, I'm sure your dr will fix it for you. I would definitely mention it to him at your upcoming appt that your not happy about it so you can get an idea about... READ COMMENT

I've really been trying to limit my lifting, but I definitely bend over to pick up toys, do lots of reaching and laundry and just walking around because my 1, 3, and 5 year old are here all day and demanding!! It's most exhausting get... READ COMMENT

Well I'm sorry you are having a rough time too, but so glad there's someone else with a similar recovery as mine. It's very frustrating. I'm jealous of the people that don't have much swelling! So another question...I didn't see the... READ COMMENT

I've been following your posts because I also had a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks about ssme time as you, Nov. 2nd. I'm just not brave enough to start my own postings! Anyway, I had drains removed at 1 week post op. I was healing... READ COMMENT

Just checking, how are you feeling? I am in so much pain. I only get a little relief from Percocet when I take 2. But they take about 45 minutes to start working and I swear they start fading off after just 3 hours. My entire... READ COMMENT