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I'm a mom of 3, all c-sections. Consultations coming up.. Nervous but excited.. I for the first time in my life want a flat stomach.. Bikini here I come..I'm 5"3 135 pounds so I would like to lose about 5-10 pounds before surgery. I have was pretty heavy all my highschool years and finally about 5 years ago for the first time reached the 120's. But then I had a little girl, only gained 28... READ MORE

Questions from Kansascurious123

Tummy Tuck Without Lipo? What is Surgery Time if I Did My Breasts at the Same Time? (photo)

I have a consultation coming up and i have it in my head I DO NOT want lipo (affraid of risks). My first question is whether i get lipo or opt out is the price usually the... READ MORE

Breast Lift For my Sagging Breasts With implants After Pregnancy?

I currently have breat implants, I've only had them less then 2 years. I got pregnant about 5 months after getting them, and I really like the size they are but they seem a... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Having Implants? Having a Tummy Tuck Done and Would Like a Lift at the Same Time?

I had a breast lift and implants placed November 2009, then got pregnant in April of 2010, and am about 3-4 post breastfeeding. I'm having a tummy tuck done and have a... READ MORE

Are my Implants Saggy? Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

I had breat lift/aug in 2009, had baby in 2010..its been 3-4 since I stopped breastfeeding boobs look a little saggy and deflated. do I need another lift or will a bigger... READ MORE

Do All Breast Implants Surgeons Offer All Forms and Brands?

I plan on upgrading my implants soon and am wondering alot of doctors on this site mention different shapes, brands, high profile, textured. allergern, I currently have 350cc... READ MORE

Asking Questions During Consultion and Tips on Choosing a Surgeon?

I have a consultation with Dr.H in OP KS and I'm trying to get informed before my consultation but don't want to insult him how do you find out things like his malpractice... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Lovenox. Want to Request Blood Thinners. Pre-Op and Post-Op Timing For Blood Thinners?

I have fear of blood clots/PE so I've decided that at my consultation to request blood thinners to help prevent against them. I was wondering what day does it usually start... READ MORE

What Are The Chances of DVT and PE After Tummy Tuck?

I was reading a lot of comments about this topic and most surgeons say it happens but it's rare, then I read it's 1/300 w Tummy tucks will develope this issue. My questions to... READ MORE

Doctors in Kansas City That Do Conscious Sedation for Mommy Makeover?

I would like to have a TT no lipo and breast revision (just going bigger) can I do this with conscious sedation instead of general? I'm looking to see if any surgeons in my... READ MORE

What is a Low Dose of Lovenox Post-op? Tummy Tuck/augmentation?

Just wondering what is considered a low dose (safe dose)? I know some surgeons sugest blood thinners and some do not but I would like to know what a low dose and for how many... READ MORE

Switching out Implants? Is the Surgery Time More or Less Than Initial Surgery?

I currently have implants and am thinking about switching them out for larger ones. Is this surgery more complex since I already have then? I wondering if the surgery time is... READ MORE

TT Muscle Repair

I was reading that having a TT with muscle repair effects your vena cava and blood flow. Can you explain? How tight is too tight? I saw that most surgeons said adding this... READ MORE

What Result Can I Expect After TT/Flank Lipo? (photo)

I have been dreaming about this for a long long time. I weighed over 200 pounds my whole high school years (36 now) in the last three years I have had 2 kids but afterwards... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Totally Confused After Two Consultations? (photo)

I had 2 consultations both with board certified plastic surgeons. I seem even more confused. I was hoping you guys would shed some light. 1. One said lipo on abd with tuck was... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/Lipo Rare Complications?

I was just wondering I have been reading a lot on "rare" complications that can happen with a tummy tuck/lipo and I guess my question is what is rare? I mean can the surgeons... READ MORE

Lovenox? Injection Site Recommendation?

I'm having a full tuck with MR, lipo on flanks, and augmentation. My plastic surgon does lovenox for 7 days post op. My question is were do you recommend injecting? I did ask... READ MORE

C-Section Vs Tummy Tuck Risks?

Are the risks from a c-section and a tummy tuck equal? I mean do you have the same level of risks with either procedure. I have had 3 c-sections and with each one fear blood... READ MORE

Can You Use Decongestants Before Surgery?

I had to postpone my MM it was jan 14th because I had a bad cold and its rescheduled this wed the 23rd, I went to my primary and they gave me amoxicillin and she told me to use... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Spot to the Left of the BB is Sore and Swollen?

I had a full TT/mr done on the 24th. Had my drains removed 7 days out both drains were about 25cc. I have a spot the about 3-4 inches on the left side of my bb that is more... READ MORE

Risk/complication Period After MM?

I had my mommy makeover done on the 23rd of January and still worry about complications how many weeks out before you in the clear from dvt/PE, seromas and infections? READ MORE

Do I Need Lipo? Have This Bulge After TT?

I had a tummy tuck on January 23rd I have this bulge around my belly button all the way around. I had a rolll above my belly buttom before my tummy tuck so im worried that this... READ MORE

Blood clots time frame? How common are they really in your experience?

I see a lot of people have questions about blood clots. My question is in all your years of practice how many patients have you seen with either dvt or PE and how many weeks... READ MORE

Thinning hair. Help! (Photo)

My hair has always been thin but seems to be getting worse. I have had a tt in 2013, a revision in 2014 which I almost bleed out and had to have emergency surgery, a partial... READ MORE

Anyone have good luck with rogaine foam for women or Spironolactone for their patients? (Photo)

My hair is thinning really bad when wet I'm so embarrassed. Hoping something might. I have a dermatology appt August 10th and not sure what to ask or request. I heard some... READ MORE

Scalp micropigmentation for AGA? How long does it last? Cost?

I can't really find anyone in my area (Kansas) any suggestions? READ MORE

Why is Finasteride recommended for men only?

I know a lot has to do with birth defects, but is that the main reason? I had a partial hystorectomy so no chance of pregnany but still have ovaries. Just wondering if it would... READ MORE

How lower testosterone levels converted to DHT?

My total serum testosterone is on the lower side my level was 13 and my free was 1.1, my dhea was normal at 136 dhea sulfate 86 and Androstenedione was 58 the derm says I have... READ MORE

Discussions started by Kansascurious123

Kansas City Area?

I'm trying to make a couple of consultations for a mommy makeover Tummy tuck and breast revision) and there are so many plastic surgons in my area.. I have one with Dr. Gary... READ MORE

Anyone get lovenox for tummy tuck?

I would like to get a tummy tuck and breast revision and am worried about blood clots/ dvt I see some surgeons use lovenox or blood thinners and some do not. I was wondering... READ MORE

2013 tummy tucks?

I'm doing my tt/lipo in January..anyone esle? READ MORE

Mommy makeover!!

I was just wondering if you could tell me know how many hours your surgery is schedueld for? What your having done? and if under General Anesethsia or IV sedation? please READ MORE

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Thanks ladies its nice to know I'm not alone..I sometimes think either my husband is an ass or he is the one with the vagina lol READ COMMENT

Okay ladies has anyone else's husband not reacted the way they would have hoped? The first week was hard I thought even with all the drains and bruises the fact I didn't have this hanging apron would have gotten some kind of reaction... READ COMMENT

Anyone's boobs drop At different times? My right seems to have dropped my left is just a little harder and higher ps says not to worry... Humm I'm 3 weeks out READ COMMENT

I had my 3 week post op on Wednesday and was told lifting restrictions were now at 20 pounds I will see him again in 4 weeks and by then ill be 7 weeks and should have no restrictions, his recommendations were as this with the 20 pounds... READ COMMENT

Definitely, I can see how much of a difference from before and after its justdo hard to grasp that I can have swollen spots for months and months.. It took me nine months to get up the nerve I was rescheduled for surgery a week because... READ COMMENT