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Fraxel Left Tiny Holes All over my Face and Texture Change - Sydney, AU

I am nine months post my fourth Fraxel and my face is covered with tiny holes left by the laser, and they seem to getting more prominent as the months go by.The only place where the skin is smooth and normal is around my eyes, where you can see the line of dots following where Fraxel has touched... READ MORE

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Why All Doctors Are Saying Fraxel is Safe, and Won't Openly Discuss the Possible Fat Loss, Pigmentation and Volume Loss?

After wondering howcome I seem to age so quickly after four fraxels I googled about fraxel and the flood of negative comments made me petrified! Never imagined that couple... READ MORE

Damage After Fraxel Repair: What Has Happened to my Skin and How to Treat It? (photo)

I'm 13 mths post Fraxel, had 4 treatments and last 2 I suspect caused damage.I have pinprick holes covering my entire face, discolouration under my right eye,skin texture is... READ MORE

What is Normal Swelling After Fraxel Dual Restore?

I had 4 treatments with Fraxel Dual and I ended up being very swollen for the next to to three days, it was quite bad around eyes especally. Is this kind of swelling normal? My... READ MORE

I Am So Confused: Did I Receive Fraxel Repair or Restore or Something Else?

I had four treatments of what I thought was Fraxel Dual Restore. Each time I experienced quite intense pain even after numbing gel and had to suck happy gas during treatments.... READ MORE

Cutaneous Indentations, Anyway To Fix Them?

I have cutaneous indentations from botched Fraxel treatment, did laser go too deep and is there a way to fix them ? READ MORE

Pre-op: What is the cooling system used in Fraxel Dual?

I have heard new lasers have cryogen cooling spray inbuilt, does Fraxel Dual have this too, or does Fraxel use a different type of cooling system? READ MORE

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Hey I'll google it thank you. My damage is deeper than pictures show which makes covering impossible at the moment, holes are simply like ice pick scars but thinner if that makes sense and surface too wavy from burning. READ COMMENT

Thanks mate I look into it more, to educate myself first. Keep up with good work(: READ COMMENT

Perhaps, I definitely need recell with dermabrasion. I was looking at old pics right before laser and I can't believe how lovely my skin was prior to this. Only my cheeks were scarred from acne. Everything else was lovely. I asked only... READ COMMENT

I am too scared to let anyone put more holes in me its may be silly fear but lasers were marketed as non invasive and gentle procedure. I was told it cannot harm me and so I'm am very gun shy about anything. Hardest part is finding a... READ COMMENT

I don't think peels are option as it would be more damage to already burned tissue. I can't heal that well from even tiny scrapes so doing a face is prob not a good idea for me but needling with recell is something I am looking into. READ COMMENT