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Did you only have the one breast reconstructed, and how was yr surgery, I wish you the best. READ COMMENT

Hi Saylor. Good for you, iam so glad to hear that you are doimg well. Thank you for shareing your jounery with me, MY surgery is expected to take 11 hours, Iam having a mastectomy and then both breast re constructed. All ready had... READ COMMENT

Thanks , the dr. wanted me to drop some wight too... but that hasnt happened, i stress way to much.. i had a dr,( the first one i went to see) tell me she wouldnt do the surgery unless i droped the weight. good luck with the nipples READ COMMENT

Thank u, i knew about the tattooing, and ive seen a set of nipples done, to me the ones i seen looked to big and unreal for me , nipples were never that big. thanks for shareing READ COMMENT

Iam having the deip flap done aug, 29th, a little scard... dont like the ideal of being put to sleep for 12 to 14 hours... but talking with you"s have helped. how many days did you spend in the hospital,, they are telling me just 3. how... READ COMMENT