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Flawless Everywhere else Why Not my Skin. Mexico, MO

As many of you know I am no stranger to plastic surgery. I am already looking into getting my teeth done. I am cosmetic dentist shopping ???? at the moment. I have been interested in microdermabrasion and dermabrasion for a whole now. Sorry about the spelling I am 1 week post op from bbl round 2 so I'm kinda loopy lol. So as I was saying, I am in research mode at the moment. Maybe I will see... READ MORE

Perfecting my SMILE. Tijuana Mx

I am no newbie to this website. I have been on here for about 3 years. I have had a tummy tuck,lipo, bbl round 1 @ 2 as well as bl/ba. I am now looking to perfect me smile. I feel that I have put so much into my body what about my teeth. Lol I know I did it backwards. What's done is done. Now I have to fix my smile. Don't get me wrong I have teeth I just need some molar implants, teeth... READ MORE

OFFICIALLY 4 weeks and 1 day !!! Team Pantoja BIG BOOTY

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have already been to Dr Pantoja twice before. I love his work therefore I am going back. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl the first time. and then 6 months late I went back for a breast lift with implant. I am going back November 20 2013 for more lipo and bbl:) time to countdown. I will start adding info tomorrow. I am also going to add wish... READ MORE

3 month boobs +pictures. I am in love with the twins:)

Round 2. I have been to Dr Pantoja In the Past. I had a tt,lip and a bbl. I am going back for a breast lift with augmentation, lipo of the tummy and a lil more other areas. As well a a little more bbl.I will update or add more I just wanted to start my review. I will add pictures later. I can't wait !!! Lets see what to update. I changed my Date to 6/6/2013 with Dr Pantoja of course. I love... READ MORE

4 weeks post op + pictures October 9, 2014 bbl round2 (knew pictures)

Hello ladies I am ready to begin this huge change in my life. As many of you ladies are and have. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I am done having kids and to make sure of that I got my tubes tied when I had my last child some years back. I am ready to start this journey in my life and I am not gonna lie I am gonna need some support but in turn I will also be here for you ladies as well... READ MORE

Questions from phat_mommy4

What Type of Antibiotics Are Prescribed After a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction As Well As a Fat Graft?

I am having a tummy tuck, lipo, and fat graft next month. I am wondering what type of antibiotics will be prescribed. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Core Work Out? (photo)

I am starting abdominal's in my work out as of today. I am 4 months Post op from a tummy tuck w/ mr. Is it safe to do so? READ MORE

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What type of garment does yily,duran,baez,Campos,jimerson etc.... use

Hello ladies, I am trying to find a good compression garment with the butt out. I was wondering if anyone knows were I can purchase it from....please help READ MORE

Support ***Roll call for September, October,November, December***

Bbl ladies for the fall. Come one come all. Lets come together and share our experiences regardless of what dr we are going to. READ MORE

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Thank you. No problem.... You really do need your garment and waist cincher in my opinion. READ COMMENT

The waist cincher is by Anne cherry. I got mine off eBay for 39.99. I have alot of helpful tip on my page. I wrap myself 3 times a week . READ COMMENT

In regards to the waist training are you talking about corset training? That's at 2 months. In regards to waist cinching I started at week 3. My waist is down to a 25. I live in my garment tho, with epifoam. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much I'm glad I'm back to miss you lady READ COMMENT

Thank you so much I'm black and hope your questions anything just let me know am I am ope thank you so much I'm glad I can help if you have any questions just let me know and I will promise to answer them promptly I won't wait 13... READ COMMENT