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Dear Dr. Lee: I did have the surgery. But once I saw the form I lost trust in the surgeon. Instead of having a positive recovery I am worrying if he did something wrong. Before I saw the form my attitude was that I was going to have... READ COMMENT

I received the form to sign less than an hour before my surgery. It said among other things "So as to protect Physician's reputation, as consideration of evaluation or treatment, I the Patient, agree to directly or indirectly... READ COMMENT

I'm going to add to my previous post that in the agreement, given to me immediately before surgery, I had to agree that "Patient has been given the opportunity to ask questions and receive satisfactory and adequate explanations." That... READ COMMENT

I was asked to sign the agreement the morning of my surgery. I had gone through an extensive pre-op testing process, taken time off from work, there was a temp hired to do my job. I did not have the option to say that I wanted to... READ COMMENT