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Much Much Better but Not Bikini Wearable - Upstate, NY

Hi all...I'm new here. I am definitely please as this is way better, but can't help but feel a little disappointed. My tummy is still pretty round even with sucking in . I posted the horrible before belly, day 4 po, day 10 post op ones of me sucking in and not sucking in. I definitely don't seem bikini bound...I know it can be swelling but it seems most of the girls with po pics seem much... READ MORE

Questions from abnornaltummy

My Rectus Diastasis is Wide and Dr. is Concerned the Stitches Won't Hold, Should I be Concerned? (photo)

Plastic surgeon concerned about the stitches holding it together. What are the chances of internal stitches not holding? Is there a way to triple stitch it or something to make... READ MORE

TumTuck- is It Swelling,abdominal Fat? Hoping my my Tum Would Be Flatter Than This? (photo)

Tummy pretty round even with sucking in. I know it can be swelling but it seems most of the girls with PO pics seem much flatter and not round like me even with the swelling.... READ MORE

Will my stomach ever be able to get back to pre baby? Do I need another surgery? (photos)

There is a strange ledge at the top of my stomach that protrudes out even when I suck in that was never there until I had kids. The doctor saw me after in follow ups and only... READ MORE

Had Tummy tuck 3 years ago after having 2 kids. Why 3 years later still looks big. I have NOT gotten pregnant. (photos)

Here are images right after surgery and then images current (10 lbs heavier) my doctor highly reviewed and said it would be flat. It's not...why does it protrude so much. I had... READ MORE

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Opinions please on my tum tuck? see b4 after pics :) not sure how i feel about my success?

Hi all...I'm new here.  I am definitely please to an extent, but can't help but feel a little disappointed.  My tummy is still pretty round even with sucking in .... READ MORE

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A couple years later...it's not better ...never went down. i look prego still READ COMMENT

Hi I thought we had similar results....is your swelling getting less? I hope you are liking your new tum. I still feel big myself...not sure if it's swelling or my final result. Check out my pics. What is a hematoma? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Keep me posted...hope all goes great. your befores look a bit like mine. i carry everything in the tummy. i am hoping I get flatter w/ my results. READ COMMENT

I saw your pics and you like pretty great! congrats. I hope it's swelling. I guess it is just so round is what concerns me. I will try to be patient. Thanks all for your comments and thoughts :) READ COMMENT

Thank you for your honest opinions all :) READ COMMENT