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Why Do Hair Clinics Want You to Return for More Hair Surgery After the Iniitial Time?

Why not have hair surgery once? Get all the hair transplanted once and your done. READ MORE

Propecia After Hair Transplant Normal?

After you have a hair transplant, is it common to for the patient to start taking propecia to continue his hair growth ? When I showed my Dr my lack of hair growth a few years... READ MORE

What Kind of Hair Restoration Surgery Would Work Best for Me? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering what type of hair suregery would work best for me ? I have had hair transplant . As you can see it never worked too well. I'm not sure if it was the right... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Propecia?

What are the side effects of using propecia over an extended period of time ? Some Dr's say it's fine and some say bad things about it . What are your views. Thank you. READ MORE

Why Are Before and Afters Posted a Certain Way?

Why is it that when theses before and after pics are taken on certain sites, 1) it doesn't look like the same guy? 2) they only show his hairline and forehead? Very curious for... READ MORE

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Have  any  hair transplant  patients  been  told  to  take  propecia  after  the  operation  to  continue ... READ MORE