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Thank you Chelie, you are kind and very helpful. I really appreciate all of your advice. I will definitely remember to write "I do not consent to a 4 piece lefort osteotomy". And I will be doing many interviews, which in itself is... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your jaw surgery review, Chelie. I'm really sorry to hear what the surgeon and his staff put you through. But you come across very resilient and strong, through it all, so i applaud you for that. I've had my fair share of... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately there certainly seems to be a lot of wrong doctors out there. The expert doctors on here are always advising you to go back to the plastic surgeon who did the injection, but it seems that that is the wrong thing to do, I... READ COMMENT

I have not any problems with losing hair from fillers or botox. But i did have blurry vision, seeing floaters and white flashing dots in my field of vision after I had restylane and then hyaluronidase injected in glabella/radix and nose... READ COMMENT

How many times did you have fillers injected in lips and forehead? I also think this stuff can travel. When they say that the good thing about juvederm and restylane is that it dissolves quicker, well i think also the bad thing about it... READ COMMENT