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I got two nose jobs down within 3months. Is There Something Wrong with my Nose? (photo)

I went on vacation three months ago and my aunt introduced to me to a doctor whom does rhinoplasty. I got two nose jobs down with in 3months. The first time, my nose wasn't... READ MORE

Could Swelling of the Nose Change the Shape?

I recently got a nose job and i feel like my nose is more swollen on one side of my nose and one of my nostrils look bigger as well ( the same side that is swollen more). could... READ MORE

One Month of Rhinoplasty My Nasals Seem Slightly Different?

When i was having the surgery done my doctor told me my left nasal is closed (i don't remember what the name for it is) but there was something blocking my left nasal, so it... READ MORE

Could Vitamins Build Cartilage After Surgery?

After a nose job, if to much cartilage is taken out in the beginning and you are not aware of it, could you build it back up by eating healthy? I read somewhere that it is... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

When I first took off my cast, my nose was straight and my nostrils were even. after a week my nostrils seemed uneven (one nostril circular the other flared), and still seems... READ MORE

Seven Months After a Rhinoplasty Bleeding And Dry Skin?

It's been seven months since i had rihnoplasty done, I got a lot of work done to my nose. I experience dry skin and bleeding once in a while, it's not all the time, maybe about... READ MORE