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Middle Eastern Nose Turned into Shapeless Sanded-like Nose. What Can I Do?

I live in the Netherlands and had a closed-rhinoplasty with a Throat,Nose and ear doctor. I think my tip is slightly upturned wich don't suit my face. Also I had A big hump... READ MORE

Can Rib Cartilage Warp After Healing is Done?

Hi, I have a question regarding rib cartilage use in bridge repair. Can rib cartilage warp after the healing is done ? because I heard dat Rib cartilage wil adjust to your own... READ MORE

Irradiated Cadaver Rib VS Autologous Rib Revision Rhinoplasty the Facts?

I have some questions regarding Irradiated and Autologous Rib. 1. Can Irradiated rib grafts be pre-cut ( so that it is more predictable how the shape of your nose will be with... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Natural Curve with Rhinoplasty Revision? (photo)

I want to do a revision because my nose looks ''done'' and ''fake'' after my primary. I want some natural curve and height on the bridge and a slight depression at my radix.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Different Grafts at Same Operation?

Hi, I have some interesting questions. I will need revision rhinoplasty and was wondering, can these grafts and techniques be used all in one revision. - Scar tissue removal -... READ MORE

Botched, Butchered Nose Need Revision Info Please? (photo)

Unforunately I got butchered by an ENT. he used the tongue and groove. I think I have alar retraction on the left and right.I will probably need bilateral composite grafts. I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Questions? (photo)

Hi, I have some questions. 1. Why do the eyes change when the nose bridge is taken down too much? I completely lost my Identity because of this I don't even recognize myself... READ MORE

Augmentation Revision Rhinoplasty with Fascia and Diced Cartilage?

Hi, I had overresective male rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I do intensive research for augmenting my dorsum. I saw that DCF is a method wich augments the dorsum in a natural way. I... READ MORE

Need Revision-rhinoplasty Info and Help? (photo)

Hi, I am almost 7 months post-op closed male rhinoplasty and since the day I got my cast off I am very depressed. My whole face completeley changed. half of dorsal height was... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Using Rib Graft? (photo)

How mor fragile is your nose when the bridge is augmented let say you get a punch or make an acident and hit yor nose? Is there any chance the rib graft(s) wil ever come loos... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia for Creating Some Height in Revision? (photo)

I got inverted V dr said it'll be fixed with spreader grafts and on top can be layed dcf. He gave me the choice between donor rib and my own rib, I said I want donor but now I... READ MORE

What Should I Decide for my Revision Rhinoplasty?

I definitely need revision because of my inverted v and nasal valve collapse. I had 2 rhinoplasties the 1st one was only septoplasty, the 2nd cosmetic surgery(overresection).... READ MORE

Need Revision Rhinoplasty Advice Please?

I am exactly 1 year post-op. I have inverted-V, alar retraction and overresection of the alar cartilages wich left my nose concave at the tip and dorsal area. I also got dents... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Questions About Rib Grafting and Vulnerability?

I see many have questions about rib graft rhinoplasty in revision. But the questions I didn't come across is: How more fragile is your nose after extensive grafting(like dorsal... READ MORE

Tips for my Last Consult Please Help Me This is my Last Chance?

I've been member longer than a year now and Finally my Revision is nearing but I am terrified. I chose one of the best and experienced doctors in Holland. I've told him exactly... READ MORE

Spreader Grafts Made of Irradiated Donor (Banked) Rib Cartilage, What Are the Risks?

My surgeon suggested he'll use irradiated rib cartilage for the spreader grafts only if there is no septum left because he'll make the dorsal onlay of septal cartilage and the... READ MORE

Will putting Minoxidl on my beard leave no nutrients to my eyebrows after eyebrow transplant?

I had an eyebrow transplant 2 months ago and I am exactly 2 months post op, I am worse than I went in because of the shock loss I think, I am patient and hope that by 3.5... READ MORE

Can makeup powder to darken eyebrow hairs starting from 1 month post op (before hairs were shedding) ruin an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplant, 2 months and 3 weeks post op, not seeing any improvement from when I started the procedure, please help READ MORE