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Do I Have Symmastia 2 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Hi, i am 2 weeks post op and am getting my stitches out tomorrow morning. (please ignore my comical dressings, its a long story) its not possible to see my PS about this... READ MORE

Are my Implants Too High? They Feel Too Tight. (photo)

Hi, im 27, and exactly 2 weeks ago got a breast lift,with 700 cc silicon unders. they have no settled at all, not even a milimeter. they are right under my collar bone and very... READ MORE

Is This Discoloration a Hematoma or Seroma? (Photo)

Hi im 27,non-smoker.6/7/12 got a breast lift w/700cc silicone unders. For a week ive had firm dark purple discoloration under one breast, my PS is out of state and wont answer... READ MORE

DIscoloration, swelling, pain and firmness - Do I Have Fat Necrosis? (Photo)

Hi, im 27,non smoker. Had breast aug/lift with 700cc silicone unders on june 7th in another state, Had discoloration from the start and told multiple Dr's. all said it was... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Hematoma and Capsular Contracture, Do I Need 2 Procedures? (photo)

Hi,im 27,nonsmoker,had BL+BA 700silicon 6 wks ago. one breast bled & discharged from day 1 but PS ignored my concerns. developed a large hematoma under breast that was firm... READ MORE

What if Breast Hematoma Goes Untreated?

I am 6 weeks post op. i have a diagnosed hematoma under 1 breast that caused capsular contracture. Had lot of bleeding on one side post op, then purple discoloration that... READ MORE

Is This Permanent Skin Damage Due to the Hematoma? (photo)

Hi im 27 non smoker. had breast lift and augmentation with 700 cc silicon implants 2 months ago. i was diagnosed with a large hematoma under one breast but this was diagnosed... READ MORE