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Consultation review: DR. DWIGHT ELLERBE...WORST SURGEON EVER- Seriously - Anchorage, AK

I had one 30 minute consultation with Dr.Ellerbe for a chin implant. I probably asked at least 25 questions regarding everything from his education, certifications, and experience to the surgery risks, complications and how they are treated, his liability regarding revision surgeries, pre and post-operation guidelines, material/style/size of implant..... In other words I wanted to know exactly... READ MORE

Questions from ParadiseLee

How Much Money Should I Set Aside in Case of Revision Surgeries or Severe Complication Fees?

Hello. I'm getting blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelids, open rhinoplasty, silicone chin implant, ottoplasty, breast implants, labia minora reduction, and fat injections... READ MORE

Common Complications and Treatment Downtime?

I am worried about unexpected complications with surgery and downtime for each treamtnnt. I am getting blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, silicone chin implant, and... READ MORE

Can A Patient Buy Insurance Themselves for Plastic Surgery Complications?

The only insurance I could find that covers complications is Cosmetassure, but you have to go to a specific surgeon. The surgeon I am going to has an amazing reputation and... READ MORE

Chin Implant: Screws or None?

Hello, I am considering getting a chin implant in the future. I don't like the idea of a screw in my bone (whether its safe or not its still not for me), however I have read... READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

If you get a silicone chin implant, will it feel like bone when you touch your chin? Can you "wiggle" it or does it feel actually connected to the bone and not move when you... READ MORE

How Weak is my Chin? (photo)

Does my chin look out of proportion to the rest of my face? I personally think it looks funny, but some people tell me I don't have a weak chin so I'm not sure. If it does look... READ MORE

Radiesse Chin Augmentation?

Hi Guys, So I'm curious how long would Radiesse last in the chin? I'm hoping to get 3mm of projection from it and am curious how much it would cost. I'm also curious what the... READ MORE

Resorption from Silicone Chin Implant?

Hi guys, so I'm considering a chin implant however I have a few worries about resorption. I read that 1-2mm resorption is common. If I get a chin implant and have it removed,... READ MORE

What Does a Short Nasal Bridge Look Like Exactly?

Also, how do you know know you have one? I know what a high nose bridge looks like, but I'm not sure what really qualifies as short. READ MORE

Question Regarding Rhinoplasty to Raise Nose Bridge?

From what I've read, the options to raise the nose bridge are either an implant or using the patients' cartilage from either the nose, behind the ear, or rib area. What I'm... READ MORE

How Is The Nose Bridge Narrowed?

Is the sides of the nose made of cartilage or is it all bone? I've heard that either the nose is broken or shaved down to achieve a more defined look. READ MORE

After Cellulaze Treatment, does the results remain the same whether you gain or lose weight?

Here's what I don't get.. The laser breaks the connective tissue bands, but don't they grow back? Once they grow back, why don't they continue to cause the cellulite... READ MORE

How long must I wait between a breast fat transfer/stomach lipo procedure and a chin implant procedure?

Hi there, I'm looking for a surgeon for a chin implant as well as a surgeon for breast fat transfer with stomach liposuction, or one that does both. I definitely need both... READ MORE

Looking for certified surgeon who will do Gummy Bear Implants, A chin implant, and Stomach Liposuction for up to $13,000 total?

I'm looking to get Sientra implants to go from a 32aa to a 32b, a chin implant, and liposuction to shrink my waist from 31" to 23" or as close to that as safely possible. I... READ MORE

BREAST LIFT using same incision as was used for Breast Implants?

Hi, I am considering gummy bear implants, but am curious if you can use the same transaxillary incision that was used for breast implants, for a breast lift decades later? Once... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too high? (Photos)

Hello... So, I've had my breast implants for 20 days now (picture shown) and they do not seem to have changed at all since the day of surgery. My concern is that the distance... READ MORE

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I never understood why people have such an issue with cosmetic surgery. If "looks don't matter" then why do people be so rude towards people going under the knife. It's all about confidence and looking like your own ideal. It's not like... READ COMMENT