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I Feel Liberated! - California, MD

I despised my nose since I was a teenage. I tried to change hair styles, makeup to alter my look, so many other things to make it 'appear' the way it would suit me. But it didn't work, more so, my self image became feeble as time passed by. I love love love my new nose and am so grateful now. Thank you!Its been 7wks after my rp. My nose has been very swollen lately, not sure why. I haven't... READ MORE

Questions from Simplelife12

Could the Way I Sleep Change the Shape of my Nose?

Im 6 weeks after rhinoplasty and have noticed my nose more swollen than previous weeks, also the tip seems to be to the right side more. My nose looked very good and straight... READ MORE

Why is my Nose More Swollen on Some Days? What Can I Do To Keep The Swelling Down?

I know this Q is probably asked way too many times and Ive read them all. However, I had my rhinoplasty two months ago. My nose was swollen before too but still looked a bit... READ MORE

Did I Jeopardize the Final Result of my Rhinoplasty by Smoking and Drinking 3 Weeks Post Op?

The first 3 weeks after my rhinoplasty I took it easy. However, after the 3 weeks I was on vacation for a weekend with friends and had a few drinks and smoked as well. The next... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Use Tretinoin Cream on my Nose 4mths After Rhinoplasty?

I have deep scars on my cheek areas due to acne. I started using it on my face 3 months ago and now the area around my nose looks like a different shade. Is it ok to use it on... READ MORE

Dear Doctors, Im in my 8th Month After my Rhinoplasty, I Feel my Nose Looks Bigger Now Than Right After the Surgery? (photo)

I feel my nose looked perfect after 2, 3 weeks and more refined (pic below) of the surgery and somehow got bigger as time went by. Please tell me from the pictures if I should... READ MORE

Im 33 Years Old and Noticing Skin Sagging Around my Lips?

I have very high cheek bones and it looks like my cheeks are sagging. I guess they're called parentheses lines. Its really affecting my self image of myself since it makes me... READ MORE

What is best to use to protect the teeth while having laser hair removal?

Ive noticed that my teeth are becoming very sensitive lately. Im at the fourth session of laser. The place uses Alma Soprano Ice (hope thats right) laser machine. The... READ MORE

How to get rid to lines around my lips? (photos)

Is it possible to get rid of jowl lines without any fillers? I don't want fillers a this time because we are planning to get pregnant in a few months or so. I went to a local... READ MORE

Why does my hair stay at the same length and doesn't grow longer no matter what I do? Same length as 5 months ago.

Genetics: All my sisters have a thick head of hair and never had thinning issues. My mom still has more hair than I do. Im 36 years old. I eat healthy, no junk food, no fast... READ MORE