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Fraxel Restore for General Maintenance - San Francisco, CA

About 6 years ago, I had a fraxel repair which was great for my face but excessively burned my neck. The neck is doing better these days but I'm not going to laser it again any time soon. I wanted to refresh my look, reduce some pores and minor lines that cropped out again, so I had 2 light fraxel restores done on my face only. I'm 6 ms post and my complexion is immaculate. READ MORE

Questions from health_junkie

How to Repair a Burn After the Fraxel Repair?

After 3 Restore treatments, my face still could use some improvement, but my neck was perfect. However, I decided to do a Fr. repair as well on both. When my neck was treated,... READ MORE

Can Aramis or Other Laser Kill Milia Under Eyes?

I have small milia bumps under both eyes that grow slowly and at some point require extraction- which results in scarring, whether performed by a dermatologist or myself (a bit... READ MORE

Bumpy and red throat skin after an overly aggressive Fraxel Repair 3 years ago. What can correct it? (Photo)

There was an opportunity to get a very good deal on Fraxel Repair with this guy who was 'trying out' his new Repair laser. Afterward, my face looked decent. But the immediate... READ MORE

Can a person have multiple bone graft surgeries done at once- or does it hinder healing?

I had one graft done in Mexico after the previous bone graft done in the US completely reabsorbed. While waiting for this one to heal, and if it's successful, I wonder if I can... READ MORE

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Check Dr. Michael Law. (they don't allow links here, but google his name and fat grafting, and on his site look up before and after photos for fat grafting- they are mostly of upper eyelid.) I don't know about the lower lid hollowing,... READ COMMENT

I had a fat transfer as well- and while it made me look younger, it didn't correct the hollowness right nest to the eye ball (and I'm pretty sure that we have the same surgeon in San Diego you mentioned, 'Researcher Becky'.) I'm also... READ COMMENT