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Dark Circles Under Eyes. Am I a Candidate For Fat Transfer? (photo)

I'm 18-year old female and I've recently heard about fat transfer but I'm afraid of "puffy eyes" after surgery. Is it really a proper solution for me? I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes and Restylane Didn't Help? (photo)

8 months ago I had a Restylane injection but I haven't seen any difference. Eyes are still sunken but in specific way - only between eye orbits and nasal bone so it looks like... READ MORE

Thickening Young Skin Around Eyes - Cream?

Could you recommend proffesional eye creams wihch would make skin thicker and are also safe for teenagers? Is there any cream which works so well that can be a non-surgicial... READ MORE

Fat grafting around inner corners of eyes?

I've noticed that in most transformation photos areas around inner corners of eyes look unchanged. Is it a risky place for injection or fat is getting reduced? READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting to the Eyes, Temporary?

Well I found out information on one page that "depending on the area effect can be expected for 6-24 months" which upset me as I'm looking for permanent result around eyes. Is... READ MORE

Would reducing my nasal bone help to eliminate dark circles under my eyes?

Hello. I was sure that I should have fat transfer around eyes but on appointment my doctor said the reason of dark circles is too prominent nasal bone and he'll improve it but... READ MORE

Nostrils are protruding too much after rhinoplasty - could a massage be used to help the recovery process?

Hello. 4th day after general, closed rhinoplasty and wondering if protruding nostrils are result of heavy plaster, swelling etc.? I guess I should wait, right? But is there a... READ MORE