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Taking It One Day at a Time. 7 Weeks After a Full Tummy Tuck - Greenbrae, CA

I had my TT on April 30th 2012. My Doctor was very awesome and I'm very satisfied with my results. Never felt any real pain. Sleeping was a little uncomfortable,wish I had got a recliner like most of the other ladies. However I'm still have swelling and some fluids on my stomach. My Doc informed me that it could take anywhere from 6 to 9 months for full results. I'm kind of scard to get back... READ MORE

Recovery is a beast but still glad I did it. - Greenbrae, CA

Pro's, self confidents and wearing clothes I thought I couldn't never wear in this life time. Con's, recovery time is slow and require lots of patients. I wanted a TT for at least 10 years. I could never afford it. Had some life changing events which put me in a position to save. Money well spent, I can tell you that. Just now started to get feed back on this site so I decided to update... READ MORE

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What should I expect 7 weeks after Tummy Tuck?

I need someone to talk to thats in my situation. It's hard talking to people who don't really get it. Today makes my 7th week after TT. I'm still wearing the tummy wrap all day... READ MORE

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Look up any masseuse in your area. They should be able to help you. READ COMMENT

Hello, I just seen this blog in my email. I'm super late but congrats. Your tummy looks amazing. I know your esteem is going through the roof. It takes a long time to heal so don't do to much to fast. You will get swelling a lot too.... READ COMMENT

Good morning, man I can't believe its been 3 years for me. I still get post on this page, sweet. So yeah patience is everything. Make sure you watch your diet and salt intake. They say sodium will make you swell. Now that your tummy is... READ COMMENT

Hi it can take 9 months to a year or more to get back to yourself. Patience is everything. Thigh lift now that sounds interesting. Do you have a scar on your legs? Never seen anyone with one. READ COMMENT

Yeah its a long healing process. Just be patient and don't force yourself into exercise until you feel up to it. I remember I couldn't fit my regular close for a long time. The swelling goes up and down. Way to early to feel 100%. READ COMMENT