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Yes Scrappy37 I do see where you are coming from and I do feel I was wrong to jump in like that. Again, I was trying to offer my "eye" and assistance from the doctor's perspective but I can see that all I did was make her feel bad and... READ COMMENT

My critics are right. I just re-read my comments and it sounds arrogant to be criticizing someone else's work on a site like this even if I was trying to tell the patient she had the right to ask him to correct it. Also, on point two, I... READ COMMENT

I didn't mean to be negatve. I was supporting the patient by telling her to go back and have the doctor adjust the pocket. There were many comments by the patient above regarding her observation that the implants were riding high. So... READ COMMENT

PS When I get my website up I will have a video showing that if done properly, the breasts don't need to "drop". My patients have them in the right position immediately after surgery. I've heard doctors saying this before too and I... READ COMMENT

Are those your pictures? Your implants are riding way too high. This is why your nipples are pointing down. The surgeon did not dissect the pocket fully. The NA complex should be in the middle with the upper pole straighter (ie not... READ COMMENT