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Vaser Lipo Flanks, Hips, Inner and Outer Thighs, Knees - Pasadena CA

I have always been unhappy with my saddle bags since being a teen. It was one of my dreams to get my thighs and my knees shaped. I have may be 2 dresses in my wardrobe, and no shorts at all, because I just couldn't wear it, though I can't say I am too ugly or way too fat. I actually went down... READ MORE

Questions from NataliaCA

Is There Anything for Lower Eyelid Ptosis?

I had hyperthyroid for many years. I went to ER - thyrotoxicosis. I went to the doc and was taking methimazole and atenolol for over 6 month. I could sleep better, my face... READ MORE

What to Do with my Eyes After Thyrotoxicosis?

I had thyrotoxicosis. My eyes are obviously affected, may be not radically, but for me it became a nightmare. The more I read about different procedures for lower eyelid... READ MORE

What affects my face and it shape? (photo)

I had hyperthyroidism in a bad form. Now the tests are ok. I ended up with lower eye lid retraction (I am thinking to get restylane for that). I noticed, when I sleep with AC... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo: How soon can I see the shape that I got? (Photo)

I have Vaser lipo done yesterday. It was extremely painful during the operation and is more painful now. I am all bruised up and swollen. I am 28, had inner thighs, outer... READ MORE

Lipo pricing ethics. Was I overcharged? How can I handle this situation?

I wanted lipo on my stubborn areas for a long time. I've been working hard and saving for it. I came to * for a cons and was quoted 1295$/area for the first 4 and then 1195$. I... READ MORE

I am not happy with my thighs after Vaser Liposuction. What's my next step? (photos)

I had Vaser lipo on my inner and outer thighs, knees, hips and flanks. I hated my saddle bags, but I loved the gap between my thighs, so I wasn't sure to add my inner thighs in... READ MORE

Will filler (restylane) under eye help to reduce lower eyelid retraction? (photo)

I had hyper thyroid for years. My blood work is normal now and I am off the meds. But it affected my eyes. At times they seem better. But with stress, bad sleep and etc they... READ MORE

Facial ptosis treatment. What are non surgical options?

I think I have facial ptosis. I've been sick on and off with hyper thyroid for years. My eyes are severely retracted. It is hard for me to keep them open sometimes and like my... READ MORE

Is there a whole body contouring?

I had lipo on my thighs, flanks, knees. Now I am losing more weight, my breasts are smaller. I regret, I didn't transfer my fat when I had lipo. I want a doc who can suggest... READ MORE

Should I lose weight first and then do fat grafting or opposite?

I want to transfer fat to my boobs. I don't want implants. I need to lose some weight and I had lipo on thighs, knees and flanks. Should I diet and lose weight first and then... READ MORE

Where do people like transgenders do their plastic surgeries?

I noticed that transgender people seem to have better plastic surgeries. I mean they have to change a lot in their bodies. Are there doctors, who could advise me what and how I... READ MORE

Can I do micro liposuction to shape legs? Whats the approximate cost? (photos)

I am not happy with my legs, I am always on a diet trying to lose weight and my legs are the last ones to lose it, though I am not very fat. I was offered to do my calfs when I... READ MORE

Face makeover. How to achieve result? (photos)

First picture is me with no photoshop. Second one is photoshopped by me, how I see my pretty version. What do I need to do to actually become that pretty version? READ MORE

How to get the result like this in cheeks/lips? (Photo)

I have fat cheeks. I got them after I was on treatment for thyroid plus I got lower eye lid retraction. I've gained and then lost 30 lbs. I was considering mid face lift Or a... READ MORE

What are my options for hair line?

I always had wonderful hair, but I lost a big %of it when was on meds for hyperthyroid 6 years ago. Ever since I can't grow them back as they were. I started to dislike my... READ MORE

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That's not nice to call someone an idiot for their opinion and personal experience. SMH READ COMMENT

My results are visible. There is a big improvement. I can't say it is what I expected (may be I expected too much). Unfortunately I had to have a revision in June. My doc is responsive and understanding whenever I ask questions or have... READ COMMENT

Hi. I can see the results. I can say I mostly like it. May be I am a perfectionist, or may be I demand a better result, because I came in with not such a bad body in the first place. So when I decided to go for body contouring, I wanted... READ COMMENT

Don't worry. A good result is worth it. Ill have to have one more fix unfortunately before I can say, I am satisfied. And still I don't regret it. READ COMMENT

Like 10 during the procedure and may be 7-8 after. READ COMMENT