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Katie, after reading your post, I would like to share my experience with you too. I had the similar issue while using restelyn and botox. My troubles are still here. The only way i did to take out the restelyn was by small surgery... READ COMMENT

Yes, my body rejected the fillers that is why i have these lumps where the natural fibrous tissue encapsulate it, and yes, it can migrate slowly, just dont not try to press it as it will cause imflamation . They should stop selling... READ COMMENT

I'm sure the lumps are restylane or perlane , as it is the exact same spot where I had in injected , I also saw the pIeces and it looked like jelly. Had it tested and confirm that it is a foreign matter but did not went all out to test... READ COMMENT

Shezian, I still have a small scar from my first surgery. There are still small lumps of Restylane- unfortunatley I do not have the vial number or any info on that matter. I always thought that feeling fatique or those symtoms may be... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have the same symtoms as shezian, ear buzzing, sinuses, fatigue, and it sometimes comes when I am not in my best, which is not often now that i have restalyn some 6 years back. I did nit realise after reading this forum. I tried... READ COMMENT