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Vaser Liposuction. Michigan, MI

I found that the results don't last very long or maybe it could of been the fact that my eating got out of control and the fat came back,,, one thing I can say for sure is that my SWELL HELL was the Worst I was looking like Mrs. puff on spongeBob... However I'm going back for more next month and this time I will exercise more and keep calories between 600 and 800,, healthy shake for breakfast... READ MORE

Ass for days! - Michigan, MI

I would love to have a nice ROUND JUICY ASS... My ass is a HOT MESS so I'm going on the 15 to see bout getting a ASS lift and fat injects.. In the past I have had fat injected in my butt and it looked good for a while but what I truly needed was a lift. Thats when the doctor make a cut at the top of the butt and pull everything up and then cut off any extra skin and fat.. And that's what I... READ MORE

get my sexy on :) - Michigan, MI

My butt is nice butt I think it could be alot better I would love to see it smooth for number one and it needs to be lifted and I long for it to have some shape.. I had butt injects in 2012 it has made my butt more fuller but that's about it... So I will start saving money I long for a j- lo butt... I'm going oct 10 for my BR surgery and after my recovery I'm going for some liposuction I'm... READ MORE

Pain Free and Sexy...... Please - Royal Oak, MI

Well I'm going in aug 16 for my BR surgery and I have been counting down the days... I'm getting a lift and reduction for many years I've been having back pain neck pain shoulder pain and head pain.... Hey! Enough is enough so it's time I got pain free and it never hurts to get even more Hello, I'm two weeks from my pre- op and 4 weeks from my surgery. Just looking forward to... READ MORE

Flat sexy tummy please!!!!

Tummy tuck 4 months ago tummy still not flat. I go in to see my ps and she says I gained 6lbs and that's why my tummy is not flat. This is a mess I pay good money for a flat tummy. Sometimes you don't get what you think you will.. Now I'm looking at more surgery to fix this hot mess.. Ive been looking around to find another dr to see what can be done to get my tummy flat. I do see some... READ MORE

Questions from MS. SEXY

6 Lbs Gain After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 4 months ago here in Michigan and I was flat the first couple of days after and then the swelling started I was told that it is normal and it will go away... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong? (photo)

Almost 5 months out and my tummy looks a hot mess.. Well let me start off like this I had a full Tt back in July 2012. I had my surgery that morning and I was home that evening... READ MORE

More Lipo 6 Months Post TT? (photo)

Hi I had full Tt 6 months ago and my tummy was never truly flat... So now I am going for some more lipo in the next two weeks... My question is would it be too soon to have... READ MORE

I Had Tummy Lipo on Feb 14 03 my Question is when Can I Start Working Out? (photo)

I go in for my one week check up Friday the 16th also my dr will remove my stitches.... Any advice on healthy eating would be helpful....... Thanks READ MORE

Look at my Pictures and Tell Me Why my Tummy is Not Flat? (photo)

I had a full Tt 7-2012 and tummy lipo 2-2013.... What more can I do to get a flat tummy? Help please!!!! And yes I work out and eat healthy everyday.. READ MORE

Price Range to Remove Back Skin and Price Range for a Butt Lift? (photo)

I had lipo of my back rolls in feb 2013 and now I'm left with extra skin ..... Also I had butt injects July 2012 and now I've noticed that the butt has fallen down ...... READ MORE

How Small Should I Go Down for a BR? (photo)

Hi... I've been having back pain neck pain head aches shoulder pain and I've chosen to have a BR surgery. My surgery is aug 16 of this year.. I've been wondering how small... READ MORE

What More Can I Do to Get my Body in Shape? (photo)

I've had a Tt back in 7-2012 and butt injects and lipo of the back.... Tummy lipo and back lipo 2-2013... What more can I do for my hanging out of shape body... I'm going for a... READ MORE

Would a Ultimate Breast Reduction Be Good for Me? (photo)

Would a Ultimate Breast Reduction Be Good for Me? Please look at my pictures and tell me would the ultimate be good for me.. I want my bresat to be a small c I want them up... READ MORE

Is It True That After Having a Tt That the Fat Comes Back in the Intestines? (photo)

I was told that after having a Tt that studies have found that the fat Returns in the intestines..... Is this happening to me because my tummy seem to be pushing out more I had... READ MORE

Is It Wise to Have More Work Done on my Tummy? (photo)

In 2012 I had a full Tt with muscle repair and lipo and In feb of 2013 I had more tummy lipo done after all that work my tummy still is not flat... Please look at my pictures... READ MORE

Went Today for my PreOp and Found out That my Insurance Wants 550grams Removed? (photo)

Hi.. I went today for my preOp and found out that my insurance require 550 grams removed.. But here's the problem my doc say if he take out 550 I will be a small b. my question... READ MORE

Insurance Company Wants to Pick my Breast Size for Me What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm at a lost I really don't know what to do my insurance will cover my br surgery but they require that the doc remove 550g from each breast one of my breast is bigger than... READ MORE

What More Can I Do to Get a More Fuller and Lifted Butt? (photo)

I dream for a full juicy butt I dream for a nice butt that's lifted and looks great.. I've had butt injects in 2012 and it has made me a little more fuller but I have what... READ MORE

My Insurance Company Wants to Control my Breast Size. How Small Would I Be if the Doc Removed 500grams?

My insurance company require the removal of 500grams of tissue. My question is would that make my breast to small and would I have a nice round shape that I wish for also I... READ MORE

What Size Will I Be if my Ps Remove 550 Grams of Breast Tissue and Will my Breast Be to Small for my Frame?

I posted this question a couple of days ago but the pics did not show up. so i hope it will this time, Hi I'm going october 10 for my BR surgery I'm not really sure what true... READ MORE

After a Breast Reduction Surgery when Can a Woman Start Having Sex?

I would like to know when is it safe to having sex after a breast reduction? READ MORE

Doctors do I need a second tummy tuck? (photo)

Ok, I had a full Tt with lipo and muscle repair in 2012 and feb.14 2013 I had tummy lipo.. Guess what the FAT is back. What more can I do to get a flat tummy do I need another... READ MORE

I've had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair in '12 and in '13 tummy lipo. What more can I do to get a flat sexy tummy? (photo)

I've had work done on my tummy in the past however the fat just KEEP coming BACK. I have been eating more healthy and walking maybe I need to just do more so this week I've... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. Do I need another tummy tuck? (Photo)

My surgery was three weeks ago I had tummy liposuction, half back liposuction, tapering of the hips, and the fat was added to my butt, after all of that my body still looks a... READ MORE

Extra tummy skin after lipo and extra back skin after lipo. How much would it cost to have it removed?

A couple of months ago I had tummy, back, sides, lipo and now I'm left with extra hanging skin. What is the price range to have it removed? READ MORE

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Have anybody been to Dr. Asif Pirani for a BBL?

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Vaser liposuction share your story.... 2014

Hey ladies share your experience with vaser liposuction, do you like your results? Was it a painful recovery? How bad was the swelling? What are the best compression garments?... READ MORE

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