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Any recommended doctor for revision rhynoplasty in dubai

Hello there everyone,   I am looking for a specialist in Revision Rhynoplasty in Dubai? Can anyone recommend me one please.   thanks a lot in advance!! READ MORE

Can You Advise Any Revision Rhinoplasty Experts in Europe?

I would like to have my Revision Rhinoplasty done in the USA,but it is too far to travel. So I was wandering, if you could list some of the Best Revision Rhinoplasty experts in... READ MORE

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Yeh, have the same issue. I've only learnt from that mistake, that its VERY IMPORTANT to see the Before and After photos of that particular job and specialist. I don't think we have to spend a lot of money on a very good specialist... READ COMMENT

Hi there Dheart, Thanks for your reply! It is so nice to have something in common to share:) Yes the price would be almost the same in Europe, but the results maybe not.. I would love to see your "before and after photos" please do... READ COMMENT

Hello Dheart, Thank you for your support and suggestion!! I looked at the Doctor's profile, and his before and after work looks amazing!! Please tell me, what did Revision Rhino with the Doctor cost you, and what did the price... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I am glad you are happy with the rhino results. do you mind showing the " Revision rhino"before and after photos though? as i am very interested in your doctor. Thanx;) READ COMMENT

Hi there Perfectionist76, what did the surgery for revision cost you? also, would you mind showing us before and after photos, thank you READ COMMENT