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Brow Lift, Lower Bleph, Cheek Implants, Lower Face Lift, Neck Lipo/lift - Charlotte, NC

I chose Dr. Freeman because I wanted someone who only specialized in faces. I met with a couple of doctors and was impressed with him at my consultation. We decided to do the procedures in 2 separate surgeries as I had a small baby and thought it would be too much all at once. I had the neck and the lower lift first. He was very caring and always available. I was very happy with the result!... READ MORE

Excellent Doctor! 6 Years Post TT - Raleigh, NC

I had a full TT 6 years ago. Since then I lost 60 pounds and had another baby. Also the doctor I had last time was HORRIBLE! The scar was just below my belly button, jagged, puckered. I had an extended mini TT this time with some lipo on the flanks. The scar is so thin and VERY low! He is very meticulous and detailed. After having such a hideous experience the first time, I am so happy this... READ MORE

Questions from WasItWorthIt

Swelling Still over a Year After Cheek Implants?

I had malar implants 14 months ago. More days than not each week I have some minor swelling under one eye. Mainly I can just feel it more than see it. It seems that Ibuprofin... READ MORE

Mini Arm Lift, Lipo, Breast Lift and Augmentation?

I am having a mini arm lift, lipo, breast lift and augmentation next month. Will I be able to lift my 30 pound child 5 weeks post-op? READ MORE

Compression Garments and Travel After Surgery?

I had a tummy tuck and lipo to flanks. I will be taking a 5 hour flight at 4 weeks post-op. I am wearing a post-surgical compression garment. Can this actually cause a higher... READ MORE

Breast Implants Flattened and Spread After Lying on Stomach for Surgery? (photo)

7 weeks after lower pole lift and 300cc submuscular silicone implants I had butt lift and was lying on stomach for surgery (~5 hours). Right after surgery and still (3 days... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Arm 8 Months After Liposuction?

I had UAL of the upper arm about 8 months ago. The pain is so bad that I can't even stand the slightest touch. If I wear long sleeves, I don't notice as much. In fact it is... READ MORE

Flat Tummy Up to 6 Months Post TT, Look 4 Months Pregnant a Year After TT. Could It Be Muscle Repair Failure, Or? (photo)

In 2006 I lost 25 lbs, at 220 lbs I had full TT w/muscle repair. (I had 11 kids) Then I lost another 60 lbs and had another baby. After baby I was 10 lbs less than lowest. My... READ MORE

Full TT and mini TT. My stomach was very flat after both TTs, but now I look 4 mos pregnant? (photo)

Lost 70lb after Full so had mini? After weight loss, I had 5lb baby (C-section), gained 25 during pregnancy and lost by 6 weeks PP. 2 years after baby I had the mini TT.... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post full arm lift and worried I possibly tore some internal sutures. Will it reattach if separated?

I put a shirt on and felt a sharp pulling pain. A few minutes later there was a bulge/lump. I had sharp pulling pain for the rest of the evening, but with massage the bulge... READ MORE

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The scar is extended further. In my case it went around the sides if my hips. READ COMMENT

I had the chin and lower face lift during one surgery with IV sedation. Then I had the rest done with general. So that price would have been less if I had it all in one surgery. But that price was total for both surgeries. I also... READ COMMENT