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Had a Kidney Transplant; Am I a Candidate for BBL?

I Had a Kidney Transplant in 12/06 Am I Able to Get Bbl Levels Good READ MORE

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Hey butterhoney i forgot to ask about messages after the surgury does dr m recommed them/offer them ive read that they are needed READ COMMENT

Hey 2273 as of today are u still happy with your results? did you lose any fat in your butt?can you post current pics? i have a consultations with dr m in july any advice? READ COMMENT

Hey butterhoney thanks did you finace the whole amount and how does that work in his office downpayment etc..you stated this was your second bbl what happened w the first and who was the doctor? if you dont mind me asking was the price... READ COMMENT

Hey Buttehoney thanks for info do you have to do hospital stay i live in md, can you get your garments elsewhere? what method was used to put you to sleep because i heard on another site about gettin a epidoral?? did you have drains?... READ COMMENT

Hey butterhoney im new to the site i have a consultation w dr m on 7/5/12 what questions should i ask? is everything okay now are you still happy with your results? did he explain why is the price so high or the price range for the bbl READ COMMENT