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ongoing complications 3 weeks after breast reduction

I had prior breast reduction in 1978. I lost significant weight after illness and was nearly flat chested. I've regained notraml weight, however my breasts are now 42DD. Insurance has already approved me for repeat reduction. I've had 3 consultations.with plstic surgeons although two of them are wary to do repeat reduction due to increased risk of cutting blood supply to nipples. The first... READ MORE

Questions from bellasma

Complications Regarding Breast Reduction 34 Years Ago?

I had breast reduction 34 years ago and now at age 57 my breasts are large (DD) and have developed bilateral discoloration , ie; mottled bluish/purple alterrnating to red on... READ MORE

Have Ongoing Bilateral Bluish/red Discoloration. Has Anyone Ever Seen This?

I'm scheduled for 2nd reduction Sept/27. My problem. Breasts are bluish/red discoloration bilaterally. My PS doesn't think discoloration is related to prior surgery, however,... READ MORE

What is Percentage of Complications for 2nd Reduction?

I'm 40DD asymmetrical post reduction 30 years. I'm unable to wear any support bra that causes pressure against ribcage due to multiple fractured ribs in 1996 & costal... READ MORE

How Risky is Second Reduction? (photo)

I had reduction in 1978. Already approved for 2nd reduction but concerned about increased risks. One doc says she can take more than 500g off each side. 2nd consult doc does... READ MORE

Is There Any Way For a Surgeon to Avoid Cutting Blood Supply During Repeat Reduction?

I'm having repeat reduction and do not have records of prior reduction in 1978. I had recent consult with PS who indicates that she can remove at least 500g per breast and... READ MORE

Surgeon Recommends Re-reduction Using Inverted T Incision?

I am currently 40DD & having repeat reduction. Surgeon does not want to risk cutting nipple area. He plans to remove 200g tissue per breast but only below areolas . I fear... READ MORE

Inverted T Incision - Nipple and Areola Left Untouched?

If breast reduction is limited to removing only tissue benath nipple area, it will limit amount of reduction possible. Won't this cause cone shaped breasts that are even more... READ MORE

Breast Reduction. Wondering About Results Between Sutures or Staples?

M y PS prefers using staples to close B/R incisions - however, she does use just a few sutures in key places.. I'm curious about the pros and cons between the two options? READ MORE

Are B/R Surgical Risks Increased in Breasts W/venous Congestion/vascularization?

I have been told that I have venous congestion (vascularization?) in my breasts. I'm having a repeat reduction in a few weeks and wondering if venous congestion will increase... READ MORE

Pain in Groin Area Since Day After BR Surgery? (photo)

I've been experiencing pain in my left groin area since day after surgery. It seems to be getting worse. also have swelling and pain in left breast with new bruising after 3... READ MORE

Hard Breast 9 Weeks After 2nd Breast Reduction?

Had repeat breast reduction 9 weeks ago. Right breast is firm mound - nipple is concave and breast looks sort of like a volcano with top blown off. (note: left breast feels and... READ MORE

Post Surgical BR Leaves Hard Breasts?

I have 2nd breast reduction 6 months ago. Both breasts have scar tissue, however, right breast tissue consists of one large abnormal shaped hard lump. PS says it's basically... READ MORE

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Has anyone in forum had repeat reduction after several years?

I'm 57  and very small boned.  I had reduction 30 years ago and went from 38E to 36 C.  Looked fabulous even after 25 years.  When I started into "the... READ MORE

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Re: scabs learning by experience. Don't try to remove scabs early. They will fall off when ready. I tried pulling one off and caused a small infection. I too have been exhausted since surgery though this past week has been turning... READ COMMENT

JaneF, I'm so sorry you are feeling crummy. If it helps any, It took me at least 5 weeks before I felt nearly human again. I still have strange pains that come and go - and change from R to L breast. Lipo is absolutely the most... READ COMMENT

Yeah for you. My timeline has pretty much been the same as yours. Good luck! READ COMMENT

So happy for you and your right about just giving it time. READ COMMENT

Yeah! I agree. I guess it's hard to have firm fast rules since every woman is different and actually for most of us, even our breasts are not the same. Hope you don't mind if I share my own experience. I actually had 4 consults... READ COMMENT