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Can Retin-A Make the Skin Prone to Scarring?

There are some people on chat forums who are sure that retin-A caused their skin to scar, or made their skin prone to scarring. Is there any evidence that might support this? READ MORE

Does Applying Products Containing Tretinion Topically Count Towards RDA of Vitamin A?

I think the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A taken internally is 1.5mg. But when I use products like Retin - A, which is in cream form applied topically, should I take... READ MORE

Any Real Benefits to Taking High Doses of Vitamin Supplements?

Am I just wasting money by taking high doses of vitamins A D E C and Zinc supplements? (I take the following doses: E - 800 IU, C - 500 IU, zinc - 22mg, Beta carotene - 10000... READ MORE

Are Copper Peptides Applied Topically Good As Scar Treatments? Or Another Marketing Hype?

A doctor with a PhD who has  "studied methods of reversing human aging", is endorsing copper peptides as an effective way to combat scars. $42 for a 4oz bottle.... READ MORE

Is There a Link Between Ephedrine and or Caffeine and Tooth Cavity?

I'm a 30 something with my first tooth cavity. The only recent change to my routine has been the addition of ephedrine and caffeine pills to my diet for fat loss. There isn't a... READ MORE

Are there any peer reviewed trustworthy studies that demonstrate the efficacy of dermal rollers on any kind of scars?

Are there any peer reviewed double blind studies that demonstrate the efficacy of dermal rollers (in isolation) on any kind of scars? READ MORE