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Obvious Issue: Revision Sooner or Later?

I had up/low bleph 3 wks ago. My upper lids are now hooded, casting black shadows along my eyes. The inner corner of 1 eye was not sutured well & is a wrinkly, raised mess,... READ MORE

Post-blepharoplasty Q's: What's Normal?

1. It has been 8 weeks post upper/lower bleph. The incisions are still red but more importantly, my eye sockets are very sore, esp right eye. I need Tylenol daily. Normal? 2.... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon or oculoplastic for blepharoplasty revision?

I had an upper/lower bleph a year ago. Too much skin was left @the inner corners of my upper lids; they're wrinkled/crepey. I also have asymmetrical "lumps" where inner corner... READ MORE

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Blepharoplasty: did you have last minute second thoughts?

I'm having upper/lower (transconjunctival) bleph Friday with CO2 laser resurfacing of my lower lids.  I am very nervous today (Weds) to the point of considering cancelling... READ MORE

Need GREAT eyelid surgeon in NC

Does anyone know of a true eyelid expert in NC?  I need a revision due to a sloppy job done on an upper bleph.  I can't find someone who I feel is really expert.... READ MORE

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NYC is a little far! :). Trying to stay closer to home in NC, but thanks! READ COMMENT

Thanks Sarah, I have used that list before. Looking for personal references. Dr's can have good credentials on paper, but yet not be a 'great surgeon'. Really would like referral from personal experience. READ COMMENT

Imaca, you look fabulous!! It's as though you found the perfect solution with the right doctor to boot! You are very fortunate to have found a skilled doctor who assessed you individually and had a variety of tricks in his tool kit,... READ COMMENT

Sallify, what were your complications? I had Restylane in tear troughs, and am ready for another round if I choose to do so (by oculoplastic surgeon). Please share? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Yes, I had redness along my incision lines for many months. It faded very gradually. People heal differently. I have seen some pix where people look totally healed in 18 days, and then there's my experience (months). I'd suggest... READ COMMENT