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Hi roxanne! I suggest that you go for the dermal fillers today because its not so bad at all and you really don't need an assistant during your recovery for a procedure like it but if you are thinking about doing a major operation, I... READ COMMENT

I think that these questions are very important, but more than that, I think that your board-certified plastic surgeon should also answer your questions satisfactorily because if he leaves more doubt than security, I think that you... READ COMMENT

Of course there are! but ive read that there are two types of otoplaty for children-- for 6 months and younger, its called ear splitting and for 6 months older, I think that they do the normal otoplasty procedure. But don't take my word... READ COMMENT

Hi Alyssa! It's nice to hear that things are working great for you. BTW, just an update on my tummy tuck, I'm thinking about re scheduling it in December so that I'll have ample time for my recovery. And you are right, talking to the... READ COMMENT

I feel like I am going through this journey with you Allyssa. You are very brave of putting your journey all over the Web. You serve as an inspiration to all of us. I'm sorry that i was not able to read through the whole forums for some... READ COMMENT