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Eyelid Surgery

29 Jul 2017, Created 2 months ago

Adam Scheiner, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I had heavy eyelids due to genetics. Wanted to improve my appearance and vision. Went to doctor in Tampa who is a specialist and has been featured on Dr. Oz as well as on the "Doctors" and people from all over the world come to him for their procedures. Procedure was quick, painless and looked great from day one. I tend to easily bruise so my eyes were no exception but I can see what I... READ MORE

60 Year Old Getting Lipo and BBL Dra Robles Dominican Republic, DO

Had tummy tuck in DR with Dra. Robles back in 2013. For those of you who don't know, she does not do lipo of tummy when she does TT. Says it would be too much for your body to take since she has to cut all the way up. She did not want to do all my procedures together for my safety since I was 58 at the time. Glad she did cause even though I had no problems with surgery, had very little... READ MORE

10 months PO

Want to be able to look in a mirror and see a better me. Have considered for so long. My personal goal to have a flat stomach, butt fat transfer, liposculpture of waist and back flanks. Would like breastlift but depending on cost might wait. I am feeling anxious n at same time excited. I have a question, do you really have an epidural instead of general anesthia with Dr. Robles. I sent for... READ MORE

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Have you tried Dr. Altamonte. Her office is right next to Dr. Robles and she trained with Dr. Robles so her results are very similar plus her assistant Leslie, I'm told speaks perfect English and is very nice. READ COMMENT

Dr. Robles will not do any lipo to upper or lower tummy even if they tell you she will. As a former patient, they only advise this after you are there.. you can find other patients of hers and they will all tell you the same thing. ... READ COMMENT

She is the best in Dominican Republic. READ COMMENT

Good luck to you misspac. I will be watching your results. READ COMMENT

Sometimes it is not about having a big butt, it is just to perk up what you do have whether married or not. Not everybody wants a Huge butt but if they do, that is their choice, money and nobody has a right to judge them... I honestly... READ COMMENT