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Bought a Lifebooker Special for Liposuction - New York, NY

As you can see from the picture above my abdomen is basically split into an upper and lower stomach by a line. This "line" first formed when i was younger and used to wear my pants rather high (causing it to sit on my belly button). Overtime, from gaining weight my skin i guess started to crease and voila! a line of fat was formed. This line proved to be one of the hardest things to get rid... READ MORE

Questions from fcreja

Will a tummy tuck fix scar tissue from liposuction? (Photo)

I could be wrong but I think what i have is called "scar tissue." I obtained it from having a (bad) liposuction. The surgery was performed by a board certified plastic surgeon... READ MORE

What is the difference between Coolsculpting (zeltiq) and Cryo-lipo?

They seem to do the same things under the same FDA conditions. The major and really only difference i see is the brand price tag (zeltiq cost more). Are these cheaper... READ MORE

How long does inflammation (water retention) last after a Tummy tuck w/ lipo of the flanks?

I recently got a TT and lipo (4 days ago). My tummy tuck wasn't a perfect experience. The PS only put in one drain. Im not sure if this is normal. Anyway, the drain wouldn't... READ MORE

Headache after lipo of the flanks and Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

I got this serious headache that occurred 1-2 days post op. It was very intense. It was coupled with a beating pulse (115 beats on average). I would even at times feel EVERY... READ MORE

At what point should I start suspecting dog ears after a TT with lipo of the flanks? (Photo)

I recently got a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks. I'm only 9 days post op. I'm recovering fairly well. When i look at my sides naked i see that they're really big. Bigger... READ MORE

When can I have lymphatic massages after a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks?

My doctor recommended them and gave me places. How soon can i start them post-op? I'm 9 days out but i havent started them because im scared of the pain... What's the window... READ MORE

Can a 1- 1 1/2 inch needle puncture your abdominal wall after a tummy tuck?

I got a seroma after a TT. It's the biggest nuisance ever. I was actually wondering: Is a 18 ga 1 1/2 inch needle LONG enough to actually puncture your abdominal wall? My... READ MORE

I have a suture from a tummy tuck leftover. It's starting to pus up. What can I do?

He removed all my other sutures but missed one. When i showed it to him at the next visit he said it would fall off by itself. He's really far away so i won't be able to see... READ MORE

Can I put silicone tape over my tummy tuck scar even though there's still scab there?

Im 5 weeks post op. I still have very small areas that have crust/scabs on them. Will putting a silicone tape (for scar therapy) impair the wound healing under the scab? Should... READ MORE

Seroma or swelling that worsens as the day progresses?

I developed seroma post TT. I was being drained every other day for 2.5 weeks. The last time i barely got any fluid aspirated so my PS said i was all good. A week later i... READ MORE

Do i have swelling or pseudocyst?

I'm a 24 male post tt 4.5 months ago. I had to be drained for seroma for like 3-4 weeks post tt. After the last time i barely got any drainage so i thought i was done. I moved... READ MORE

Nipples are misaligned after breast male reduction (lipo) and gland reduction (cut). Can I fix this? (Photos)

Will it be possible to have it aligned perfectly again? I had gyno growing up. Im thankful that my breast are reduced compared to how pointy they used to be but will i ever... READ MORE

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Almost 2 yrs in june or july. READ COMMENT

Thank you for this. I really appreciated reading this. :) I'm a little late in replying but i just got access to my account again. :)) READ COMMENT

Hola! cuanto te cobro para el tummy tuck? quiero hacermelo con el pero necessito un promedio READ COMMENT