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Snwbrgrl can I ask you about your experience with Dr. Gill? I have an appointment with him next Wednesday for explantation? I"m also in HOuston located near Baytown and desperately searching for a great doctor soon! READ COMMENT

What made you decide to go with a different doctor to take out your implants? The doctor I have now seems to be irritated with me as i have been coming in since February with pain in my right implant. They look great on the outside... READ COMMENT

Can I ask why you chose a different doctor to take them out? My doctor seems irritated with trying to figure out why my implant is hurting me and honestly doesnt know what is wrong for sure. they look fine on teh outside. Before... READ COMMENT

Ohmygoodness..I live in Houston also. I have had my implants for just almost a year. They are 371 CC's and I want them out! I just visited my doctor who put them in to see about taking them out. He told me I didnt need a capsulectomy. ... READ COMMENT