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They didn't intubate you, but they probably used a mask for oxygen. The air blowing in could have dried your throat out causing it to hurt. Not sure about the swelling in your glands... I think you're probably OK as long as you're not... READ COMMENT

I second the prune juice. I'm a nurse on a surgery floor so we always do the milk of mag, stool softener regime, but the older nurses all tell me warm milk of mag mixed with prune juice will fix any problem! Sounds gross, but may be... READ COMMENT

My doctor prescribed a phenergan suppository... did you get something like that? If you are throwing up so much that you can't keep your meds down, I would definitely call the office and ask for a suppository. You don't want to get... READ COMMENT

The surgery itself can cause constipation, as well as the pain meds. When you get put under, your bowels go to sleep also and are sometimes slow to "wake up." Make sure you stay hydrated, take your stool softener and milk of mag, walk... READ COMMENT