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11 Days Post Breast Reduction and Breasts Are Uneven, One is Hard and Painful?

I had breast reduction 11 days ago, I noted the sizes were different straight away, the smaller one has settled down and wounds on both have been clean and dry. The larger one... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Hematoma is Still Hard and Sore. Normal?

Had reduction 18 days ago, drains removed following day. Excessive swelling on one more obvious - was told it would settle. Bruising and shape compared with other was not... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Sutures Too Tight to Remove?

Had BR was told to have sutures removed 14-21 days afterwards. They are non absorbable continuous, basically told to get one end with knot cut and pull from other. The longer... READ MORE

Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Hole Remains. How Do I Correct This?

Had a surgical lower extraction 8 weeks ago, I was in recovery for 4 4rs, bleeding badly and local anesthetic had migrated to my throat causing breathing/swollowing... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Hematoma. Concerned About Pain and Swelling Returning After Aspiration.

Had a BR almost 4 weeks ago, one has healed fine etc, other was very hard from day one and much more swollen. By week 2 I managed to get it aspirated after ultrasound showed... READ MORE

Recurring Hematoma After Breast Reduction. What to Do?

Had a BR 5 wks ago overseas, one recovered normally other developed hematoma soon afterwards, I thought it was recovering at different stages. It was very hard, painful and... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 7 Weeks Post Op Hematoma Removal?

One breast has been very swollen, bruised and painful - had it aspirated 4 times, slight relief after 24hrs then bruising increases and steadily get worse until next aspiration... READ MORE

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Thanks Deb, I did also put a post to the Doctors section and they are suggesting possible blood clot, I was thinking fluid. Now day 13 and one is softening nicely as I would expect, no real pain but the other much bigger than the... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone, great to find this site - Im from the uk had a breast reduction 11 days ago and had it done overseas so I cannot just pop back to see the surgeon. I am concerned that on day 11 one remains very hard and quite painful and... READ COMMENT