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You do know that Dr Kolb has breast implants, right? And, she also does breast implant surgery. I mean I just think people should know this about her because with all that she has to say about implants I think is a bit hypocritical READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me if you had any capsules removed (or just the implants)? READ COMMENT

Thanks. Hope all goes well for you too :) READ COMMENT

Btw......about the 'puckering', I have heard many woman say that they also see nipple puckering that they think looks horribly deformed. But, that after 3-4 months it completely went away and they like they way it ends up looking :) READ COMMENT

I wimped out :( I've decided to wait until November or December. And, I also decided on a different doctor. I just got bad feeling about the doctor I was planning on using. So I backed out a week before surgery. So glad I did...two... READ COMMENT