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Recovery Taking Long Time - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I went through Gorgeous Getaways to Malaysia with Dr Nasir for facelift *brow, upper n lower eyes, jowl and neck lift*. Only problem is they want you to book into hopsital first, then Dr sees you just before surgery. I stood my ground and demanded a proper consultation first.. I recommand this to everyone. Had 4 hours surgery, woke up with terrible pain in back of head. Had 2 very large... READ MORE

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Bald Spot After Swollen Lymph Nodes from Facelift

5 weeks ago I had brow lift, upper and lower eyes, jowl and neck lift. I was 4 hours on the table. Waking up I had 2 very swollen and painful lymph nodes on the back of my head... READ MORE

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I officially request the Monitor of this site removes AgeNaturally because this site is for people who have had cosmetic surgery and to share experiences.. This age naturally is not contributing at all to this site, just insulting... READ COMMENT

AgeNaturally,, all ive have seen from your comments is a very ugly inner person which even cosmetic cant fix. Your comments are ignorant, with no empathy or sympathy for anyone. You have NO idea what peoples walk in life has been. You... READ COMMENT

Amen.. its over 2 years now and i have one side if my face drooping one side pulled up and gaunt with crooked smile because of GG snd Dr Nasir. I wasnt ugly before surgury just loose skin now im left ugly and depressed READ COMMENT

Well she may have had surgery but her lack of empathy for any of us and she can only critisize my spelling shows how truly ugly she is and there is no surgery for that. I may make typos but its hard on a tiny phone keyboard. Id prefer... READ COMMENT

Again censorship on this site! READ COMMENT