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Never Again - Las Vegas, NV

I just finished my Invisalign treatment, and was looking forward to getting some cosmetic work done. I'm scheduled to get crowns on my two shorter, upper, outer incisors; However, the dentist recommended that I get whitening first, because otherwise the crowns would be made to match my fairly stained teeth. He made it sound routine. No one acted like it was a big deal, so when they asked if I... READ MORE

The Blurry Artist - Las Vegas, NV

Once I decided to go for it, I read every LASIK horror story I could find. Though 9 different acquaintances came back with nothing but rave reviews, I knew there would be risks. I knew the structural integrity of my eyes would never be the same. These risks could dramatically affect my quality of life. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. My eyes are one of my greatest assets. The day of... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny - Las Vegas, NV

My parents couldn't afford braces when I was young, so I've managed to keep my smiles to myself. You want to think that people mature, but teeth are still a topic of conversation and jest even at age 27. The reason I chose Invisalign comes down to two factors: cost--they were actually cheaper than braces. comfort--I've ride a motorcycle almost everyday. The thought of my cheeks being... READ MORE

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It's been 2+ years now, and I have 0 regrets. While I recommend the procedure, I also highly recommend researching the available LASIK Doctors in your area (as not all will be created equal). READ COMMENT

Thank you! In an odd sense, it's reassuring that my "dread" is fairly accurate. I'm sorry you had to go through that! I am learning to love my teeth, and anytime I doubt it, I come back here and look at the first picture. :) READ COMMENT

Happy to help! I still wake up with a slight bit of dryness, but a single drop in each eye does wonders. I experience no other dryness throughout my day. I'm actually coming up on my year follow up, but I feel great! READ COMMENT

Thank you :) I just picked up #10 and #11 this morning. I'm looking to get polished up mid June. READ COMMENT

They have come a long way for sure. Thanks! READ COMMENT