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Teosyl Dreadful Still Swollen -Ukiah, CA

Had teosyl 8wks ago nasal labial folds and its started to get heavy lumps and feel rock hard , had to wait coue wks before surgeon could inject with hyalaurondise so therefore they had become very hard heavy swollen.after injection to dissolve 2times its still puffy on one side and lumps won't not gone look like chipmunk I'm very sad hate lookin in mirror READ MORE

Questions from Sweetly

Hi I Am Considering a Facial Fat Transfer with Recommended Surgeon but So Nervous Because of the Swelling?

I am due to go speak to surgeon 14/6/12 regarding facial fat transfer but dont know if can go ahead because of the swelling and only have 3 weeks leave and dont want colleagues... READ MORE

Due to Have Upper Blepharoplasty with Facial Fat Transfer in 6 Weeks. Recommended Time off Work?

Im just abit concerned the swelling and brusing as have not told anyone at work or family so having to hide away only my husband knows. I have taken 2 weeks holiday to recover... READ MORE

Face Fat Transfer and Upper Bleph but Have a Lump Going to Side of Left Cheek Area (photo)

Hi I had face fat transfer yesterday just abit concerned after it that he seems to have gone down left cheek and put some fat in and then continued over the near nose area its... READ MORE

Had Facial Fat Transfer 10 Days to Help Hollow Under Eye Ago Don't Look Any Different?

Hi I had upper eyelid surgery and upper facial fat transfer to help rejuvenate hollow eyes 10 days ago ,the swelling bruising gone look same as before I went I don't look any... READ MORE

Puckering Creases in Corners of Both Eyes After Upper Eyelid Surgery, Revision? (photo)

Hi I had upper eyelid surgery 6 months ago and have small lumps of fat still in both corners of my eyes and this is causing a pucker effect and still looks very creased and... READ MORE

2nd Opionion Needed Please if a Dental Bridge Can Be Fitted?

Hi my NHS dentist has recently abstracted a infected crowned 2nd pre molar tooth (at the top) that had had a one tooth(2 teeth) dental bridge was fixed to my dentist says i... READ MORE

Hard lumps appeared after dermal filler 8 weeks ago?

I have had dermal teosyl injections in nasolabial folds and in corners of mouth to lift the corners but after 8 weeks i now have hard lumps and swelling. my physician thinks... READ MORE

What could be used to replace my partial denture?

I wear a partial denture for 3 missing teeth on my right side of mouth 1 canine and 1st premolar and 1st Molar . the only teeth i have on my right side is 2nd Pre Molar and 2nd... READ MORE

Are dermal fillers safe if you develop Vitiligo?

I have had dermal fillers many times over years and recently developed vitiligo which is a melanin deficiency auto immune disease and my last dermal filler injection to... READ MORE

Can you have an allergic reaction to Dermal Fillers?

I was told by consultant that after having dermal fillers I had an allergic reaction to hydraulnic acid in the filler as I developed hard lumps in the marionette lines.i have... READ MORE

What is the alternative treatment for marionette lines?

I have had teosyal dermal fillers many times but the last time I had it done 6 wks post op I developed hard lumps and face started swelling in the Marinette area .i had... READ MORE

I had a bad reaction to Teosyal. I would like to try them again. Any suggestions?

I have had teosyal many times but in one occasion I had severe reaction the filler migration and hard lumps 6 wks post op and had hudraulomaise to dissolve .i would really like... READ MORE

Considering another facial fat grating. Is there an alternative to fat grafting and fillers? (Photo)

I had a facial fat grafting 2 years ago to cheeks and under eye area and had a touch up 6 moths after that .but the under eye area has gone very crepey again, does this mean it... READ MORE

Hate bulky partial denture. Could I have implant in 1st molar area consisting of 4 unit bride to lateral incisor? (photo)

I've been wearing a partial denture for 2 years which consists of canine and 1st pre molar & 1 molar. ( hate it can't get used to it as very bulky) have been advised for bone... READ MORE

I don't have enough skin elasticity for lower facelift. What's a good alternative? (Photo)

I recently had nose to mouth fillers which are quite bulky and corners of mouth turn down would more fillers fix this to oral commisures or what would be better READ MORE

Best treatment for under eye crepiness? (Photo)

I have recently been advised 4-5 treatment of pixel laser treatment to under eye wrinkles.i have had 1 treatment so far few weeks ago and just abit wary of having any more... READ MORE

Tear troughs dent on one eye; is there too much in one eye? (Photos)

Had juvederm in tear thoughts 1 week ago one eye is fine the other is puffy and looks like too much in one eye . READ MORE

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I had a bad reaction to Teosyal. I would like to try them again. Any suggestions?

I have had teosyal many times but in one occasion I had severe reaction 6 weeks post op the same filler where migration and hard lumps (marionette lines)and had... READ MORE

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Hi I've just done same thing don't know what to do to correct this READ COMMENT

Hi yes I used the same doctor and just had a random reaction but that particular time I came away very bruised too. READ COMMENT

I would like to but don't really know how to go about it, without having to pay for consultations.ive had two attempts of hyalurondaise to dissolve(free of charge) and he said that's all hes prepared to do and two wait it out and let... READ COMMENT

I don't think its the cream personally i think its something to do with Teosyl filler not much good, puffiness if gone but i still have a lots of big lumps more on oneside than the other but i just have to wait for filler to fade... READ COMMENT

I had just started using a new LOREALcollagen face cream and he thinks its had interaction with filler READ COMMENT