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Dimpledoo - New Jersey

Had cellulaze a little less than 3 weeks ago. Here's where I am: my thighs are still sore, have pinchy feelings in my legs randomly and for no reason--sometimes while sitting or walking-- and still bruised in all stages of techni color. I wear my garment and/or capri length spanx like tights. Every now and then I just hafta take them off at night to breathe! I stayed home from work for 2... READ MORE

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I totally agree with you. Especially when different physicians are saying " try this" for the side effects! I was put on prednisone and Benadryl cream! The prednisone to reduce the swelling...but made me put on 3 pounds when I was... READ COMMENT

I have all of the above, too! I will be 3 months at the end of this month! The discoloration under my skin is more noticeable when it is hot or cold...like in the shower or at the beach, gym etc. I still have the itchiness which drives... READ COMMENT

I have the knots and itching too! Had cellulaze done in late May . My doctor from Montclair NJ said to massage the knots and he prescribed prednisone for swelling and said to use benadryl cream. Neither helped as yet! I wonder home... READ COMMENT

Does anybody know a cellulaze patient that has reached the 6 month point? And was there a big difference? I am still getting the random zingers in my thighs. Very weird ... At times they feel hot or cold and then itchy. I am not too... READ COMMENT

I did some light massaging of my thighs after a epsom salts bath yesterday. They felt much better--relieved some of the pinchy feelings. I am hoping to get the hard lumps to smooth out --under my skin. So at 3 weeks post procedure---I... READ COMMENT