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Questions from Carol99

Are Extreme Tightness and Discomfort Around Ears 5 Weeks After Mini-facelift Normal?

I had a mini-facelift 5 weeks ago from a board certified ps. Looks great but I'm in pretty much constant discomfort from the tightness/pulling around ears. (Ears are numb, too,... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Dissolvable Sutures After Mini-facelift?

7 weeks after having a mini-facelift, I'm having trouble with unrelenting tightness/pulling and occasional pain around the incisions. Some days the symptoms are very tolerable... READ MORE

Is Constant Discomfort Normal 9 Weeks After Mini-facelift?

Had a mini-lift 9 weeks ago from board certified, experienced ps. It looks great but still have 2 major sources of discomfort: constant pulling around both ears (feels like... READ MORE

No Visible Swelling After Mini-lift Could Internal Swelling Be Causing Problems?

I had a mini lower facelift and platysmaplasty 11 weeks ago. (board certified experienced, ps) I'm still having a lot of discomfort (constant pressure, tightness and pulling)... READ MORE

Does Ear Lobe Numbness After Mini-lift Always Indicate Permanent Damage to Greater Auricular Nerve?

Both earlobes and surrounding skin are numb 10 weeks after mini-facelift. My board certified ps says sensation likely will return. Information on this site is conflicting as to... READ MORE

Earlobe & Surrounding Area Numbness, Pulling/tightness Around Ear 11 Weeks Post Mini-lift. Normal?

Had a mini-lower facelift 11 weeks ago from experienced, board certified ps. Still have numbness in both ear lobes and area surrounding ears about 1/4 inch in front of &... READ MORE

Migrating Feeling of Tightness After Mini-facelift -- Why?

Just wondering why the uncomfortable feeling of tightness after a mini-lift seems to migrate from place to place? 11 weeks after mini-lift I often feel uncomfortable tightness... READ MORE

Would There Be Any Sensation at All in & Around Ears if Greater Auricular Nerve Were Damaged in Mini-lift?

The area around both ears & ear lobes feel numb yet I can sense heat/cold, sharpness, touch etc in the area. Other than the lobes, no other part of the ear itself was ever... READ MORE

Plugged Up Feeling in Ear 12 Weeks After Mini-lift. What Can Cause This?

12 weeks post mini-lift, I often have a plugged up feeling in my right ear. No loss of hearing. My GP looked in ear canal & said all was normal (no blood, wax, etc) except... READ MORE

Is This Normal Healing After Mini-facelift?

4 months ago had mini-lower lift & platysmaplasty. Looks great but many issues with recovery, mostly tightness around both ears, sometimes radiating down jaw; tightness on... READ MORE

Increasing Feeling of Numbness 4 Months After Mini-lift?

The area of numbness in front of my ears recently feels as if it's becoming more numb maybe even spreading a bit to surrounding areas. This sensation varies from day to day.... READ MORE

Strange Sensations 4 Months After Facelift. Could These Be Paresthesias?

After facelift 4 months ago, I've had areas of numbness in front of and back of ears. Just recently, in an expanded area in front of ears and down jaw, I've started having... READ MORE

Why Would There Be New Areas of Tightness 4.5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty?

I'm at 4.5 months after lower facelift & platysmaplasty. Just recently I've developed tightness along my jawline and neck (right side much more so than left). I did not... READ MORE

Can Devices That Deliver Microcurrents to the Face Be Helpful in Restoring Sensation & Resolving Tightness After Facelift?

My double board certified ps recommends it but I'm doubtful. 4 months after a facelift I still have some small areas of numbness in front of ears although much of the original... READ MORE

Is Greater Tightness & Discomfort on One Side Vs. the Other Normal After Facelift?

I had a facelift 5 months ago. My right ear and neck have been tighter & more uncomfortable since day 1and they still are (although now it is more intermittent than earlier... READ MORE

Can Botox Help Sternocleidomastoid Spasms After Facelift?

Ever since a mini-lower face and neck lift 5 months ago, I've had intermittent tightness and spasms of the SCM muscle on one side. It also causes a tight, plugged-up feeling in... READ MORE

Can a Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Cause or Exacerbate TMJ Dysfunction?

I had a lower facelift 6 months ago and I have a lot of uncomfortable tightness around ears, jaw and back of head. Previous to the surgery I had a some clicking in the TMJ but... READ MORE

What are the risks associated with a combination procedure breast reduction/tummy tuck?

I'm 62 and about 15 pounds overweight. Does that add to the overall risk? Overall, I'm in excellent health. Thank you. READ MORE

Discussions started by Carol99

Has anyone had good results with lymphatic drainage massage to reduce post-op swelling?

I'm a few weeks post-op after mini-lift and am having a lot of discomfort due to tightness/swelling around ears and scalp. I've heard lymphatic drainage massage works well to... READ MORE

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Lynn52, how long post-op are you? I had a mini-lower face & neck lift 2.5 years ago. It was done in-office under local sedation and lasted about 90 minutes. Everything looks fine but from the very start I had a lot of pain, especially... READ COMMENT

Hi Kim, so sorry to hear of your predicament. If my math is right, it's been about 3.5 years after your injection. I hope you are fully recovered by now. I was thinking about trying Botox but after reading your story, NO WAY! (I've... READ COMMENT

Larkar, have you tried a wig for your hair loss? They make some very natural looking ones these days especially the ones that are made of real hair. As for the gabapentin, are you getting any relief? I tried it after my ps disaster but... READ COMMENT

Liphook, so sorry to hear of your situation. I could've written your comment except that I'm "only" 2 years out from a mini-FL & neck lift and I can't manually feel the raised muscles like you can. Has yours gotten any better at all in... READ COMMENT

I'm afraid you're right about that, Fixmyface. I'm 22 months away from having a mini-lower facelift & I'm uncomfortable every single day (mostly tightness around the ears & throughout the back of my scalp.). Yes, it's gotten better but... READ COMMENT