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OMG Jessica1956. I still do nude modeling, so it's difficult--you know what I mean! You have been there. If I move , or pose certain ways they just look al weird now. Take hope from me though--my nipples look better every day. The... READ COMMENT

Just a little off the topic, but my Cousin had Restalyne ( a filler ) injected into her nasalabial folds , wrinkles around her mouth and lips. It looks completely natural. When I come up with 500 bucks.. that's exactly what i want. I... READ COMMENT

Merry Christmas to all the fine women on here. It's wonderful to know a community of women going through the same issues. Thanks for all of your love and support.! If you are considering explant surgery, my advice is to go for it. ... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your sweet reply Jessica. I really appreciate it. I am sorry, but what does "ba" stand for? I just think I you mean breast augmentation? Anyway, It is comforting to know other women have struggles, and... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing you amazing story. I really enjoyed it, and it made me feel better. I hope you are feeling better about the results now. I have one question did your surgeon go in through the nipple, or where? How do the... READ COMMENT