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AA to a B! 20 Years in the Making.

I am 3 days po. I am 110lbs and 5' 5". I have never been more than a AA, except when I was breastfeeding. I honestly wanted to write before hand but everything happened so quickly. Back in HS I used to think they would get bigger. I would get teased all the time and actually had a training bra taped to my locker! However, this has nothing to do with other people, all about me and what I wanted... READ MORE

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Hi there. Cost depends on so many favors. Some people need just implants, others need a lift and augmentation. Some plastic surgeons use a private surgery suite linked to a hospital with private medical staff while some use the local... READ COMMENT

So excited for you! How great just a few days away. I am small framed as you and got two different sizes put in under 275. I only had so much skin to work with! I came out with a B cup which I am so excited about (from nothing a B is... READ COMMENT

You look fabulous! I think they are the perfect size. Hope your feeling well and not in too much pain. They have to settle, then will look different. Takes time, weeks to months. The lift looks awesome too! Good choice. READ COMMENT

I have to wear it 24 hours a day. My surgeon had to create a pocket for me so i guess it's really important that the implant falls into place. But I am seriously in so much pain. I didn't wear it last night and wanted to take it off so... READ COMMENT

I have my two week post-op tomorrow and seriously hoping I can take the band off. I'm still really bruised on the sides and my back is killing me! All for the new girls :). Must think positive... READ COMMENT