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Pain and Discomfort from Banding Effect and Eyes Still Sensitive - Mid Florida, FL

Because I have pain, discomfort, and pulling every day I feel I am actually suffering from a disability. It has been almost one year. I keep wondering if anything can be done to help. I tried kenalog. Should I go to a neurogist as some of it is pain frm scar tissue and recovering nerves I am told. Has anyone else gone thru this? Why me? READ MORE

Questions from Fiona12

Is It Normal to Have Pulling Around Eyes, Cheeks, Under Chin and Tenderness After 3 Months Post Bleph?

I just want to know when I can expect relief from the pulling, the prickling and the tenderness I feel from my upper and lower blephs, a facelift and the incision in the neck... READ MORE

Can Sutures After 4 Months Cause Me Pain and Tenderness Under Chin?

Upper and lower blephs, a facelift and the incision in the neck where muscle was cut. It has been 4 mo and I still have pain over my cheekbones, feel like I am wearing tight... READ MORE

It Has Been 5 Months and I Still Have Sutures That Haven't Dissolved and Feel Like a Cord Cutting Under my Chin from Ear to Ear?

So what are my options? My doctor suggested possible steroid injections at 6 months to hasten the dissolving. What will I look like with injections--will they make me look... READ MORE

Will Acupuncture and Laser Light Therapy Help Me?

I have tried an acupuncurist twice and didn't feel any relief. He wants to try low level laser therapy and wants me to purchase an inexpensive laser pointer and use it every... READ MORE

Can Anchor Sutures Be Removed at 8 Mo?

Can I have dissolvable sutures behind ears removed if causing tightness after 8 mo? I am tired of the banding affect I am feeling. READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Constant Pain and Pulling from my Facelift Performed One Year Ago? What is my Best Option for Help?

I think some plastic surgeons need to rethink their techniques. If it can cause even one patient daily pain after one full year they need to conduct surveys and research to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have the shingles vaccine 2 months after a facelift?

I had the shingles vaccine 2 months after a facelift. I have pain and tenderness in my entire face and eyes with prickling and pulling. Could it nerve damage caused by the... READ MORE

I have pixie ears as a result of neck surgery. What can be done?

I have had much pain and pulling from my neck after a facelift including the neck. I have now developed pixie ears and it has been two years of pain and pulling. What caused... READ MORE

Could the muscles have been pulled too tight in my face and neck as I have had pain and pulling for 18 months?

I also have pixie ears as result of the surgery. I feel as if the muscles under the skin have been pulled too tightly and that my pain is from that. My neurologist diagnosed it... READ MORE

Who can help me get to the bottom of why I still have pain and discomfort 3 years after having a facelift?

I would like to find a doctor who would be able to perform some tests to determine what is at the bottom of my continuing pain. I cannot believe that doctors are trained to... READ MORE

Tightness and discomfort 4 years after facelift. Only help has been low dose muscle relaxant. Why chronic discomfort and pain?

Low dose muscle relaxant seems to have lost its efficacy and I need it daily. Any ideas why I have chronic discomfort? Suggestions for muscle relaxants that might help? I have... READ MORE

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What are the best treatments for adhesions and scar tissue and pain resulting from a facelift?

I would like readers to share any success they have had in relieving the pain of scar tissue formation and adhesions due to facial cosmetic surgery.  READ MORE

How could it be possible to have so much continuing pain following a facelift 18 months ago?

I continue to have pain, pulling and prickling daily in my eyes, cheeks and chin area. I feel like a cord is pulling from ear to ear. I have had PT,massage, acupuncture. Does... READ MORE

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I have had 3 years of "hell". I have pixie ears, dark circles under my eyes, and soreness mostly at night under my chin and from ear to ear. I take a muscle relaxant to get through the day. It helps some and sometimes I feel almost... READ COMMENT

Xanax .25 mm helps me if I take one in the evening. It is somewhat of a muscle relaxant and helps with the tightening. I am in daily discomfort and seeking research on the subject. I have tried it all too. READ COMMENT

I just saw your post from 7 months ago. I have never tried the personal messaging system. We could try that. I too am looking for some one who is going through what I a experiencing. I would like to talk to you. What state are you... READ COMMENT

I have had a similar experience. But I have no diabetes or health problems. I am going to my surgeon next month and say either get to the bottom of this or refer me to a specialist who can help. I have heard ultrasound can help break up... READ COMMENT