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Beware of Bottoming out - Houston, TX

I went to him and experienced bottoming out on the right side mainly. He said I have stretchy skin. Then he gave me a revision and the left side went down and out after settling. He was going to give me another surgery, but I decided to go to Cali and that surgery did seem to support them more. This also happened to two friends of mine that went to him. I wish I would have gone totally under... READ MORE

Butt Implant Revision and Breast Revision with Fabulous Results. Beverly Hills, CA

I've let people feel it and they can't tell if it's fake. It's like mind blowing. And I'm doing squats with weight and everything in the gym and no problems, it's just as strong. I will never need another butt job. :) I didn't feel like Dr Stanton rushed in the operating room either. I feel like he is a perfectionist. Please don't try to save money by going to another doc. Get it done right... READ MORE

Butt Sagging Like a Grandma - Sugar Land, TX

Dr Nguyen mislead me to think that butt implants would make my butt look lifted. I asked him over and over if he was sure it wouldn't sag, since it was over the muscle. He said that the muscle fascia would keep it from sagging. The truth is he doesn't have the knowledge to putt butt implants under the muscle. He refuses to do anything to fix it and refuses to acknowledge that my results are... READ MORE

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What Can Be Done to Fix Sagging Butt Implants?

I got butt implants put in 5 months ago. They are under the muscle fascia, but over the muscle. Now they make my butt look very saggy, I'm only 29. I could hold up a pencil... READ MORE

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It looks good, don't listen to the haters READ COMMENT

I'm surprised he is re-doing it for free, when he botched my implants he never offered to fix it. READ COMMENT

I feel really bad for you and this doesn't look like results I would expect from a doctor in the United States. I'm sorry that you didn't get a good outcome. This guy should not be a surgeon in my opinion. READ COMMENT

Dr Stanton gives pts an instruction page, I think it depends how many days out you are. My mom was with me and would help. I don't even remember much in detail about the recovery, maybe because I was on pain meds. READ COMMENT

You might want to try the BMR butt lift machine, it makes your muscles contract to make your butt look lifted and you can use it lying in bed. Got it at Neimans for like $200, I think that's the name of the deivice. READ COMMENT