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I love your tummy!! It's so beautiful your doctor did an excellent job. Who is your doc in Colombia sc? Im currently stationed here in Charleston but I'm not in love with any of the work I've seen from the doctors here. READ COMMENT

Sorry my phone sucks. Anyways what I was trying to say is men act out like kids. I agree with home girl below that you should try and atleast bite the bullet and be friends until afterwards because you deserve this. you gave him three... READ COMMENT

Hey I've had my husband be rude to me about the surgery. I think it's because of a few things. like in insecurity around me looking good and maybe the money READ COMMENT

I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how much pain you are in....if u dont mind me asking but who did your tubal reversal. Also what kind of tubal did you originally have. I want to have plastic surgery but I am considering... READ COMMENT

Omg your tummy look awesome already!!! who was your dr in va beach? I'd like to get my done there too since my parents live there and they can take care of the kiddos! READ COMMENT