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It felt so GREAT to have the drains taken out. You don't feel it really. Just a slight tug, and then an itching sensation. I was SO HAPPY to get the drains out! I am 3 1/2 mo po and am wearing the same size bottoms as before. They are... READ COMMENT

OMG. How are you? I am fearful that you have an infection. By now you may know that. Be sure to take your temperature. My husband simply took a shower with me for weeks! And I remained mind-boggled for a month. I messed up my bills,... READ COMMENT

I have been where you are. I had triangle hips for so many weeks! Don't even look at it for now. Your only focus needs to be getting through each day. Three 1/2 months later I still have some swelling and some heaviness or numbness... READ COMMENT

Treadmill is going great! Need to feel more like me! Good luck everyone!!! I hope anything I have written has been helpful- although it appears you have been study for this test for some time. I had about 20 days to get used to the idea... READ COMMENT

Oh- my "dog ears" are quite small. This is when there is an empty pocket of flesh at the end of your incision that does not lay flat. Kind of like an empty cupcake wrapper with nothing in it! I have not had it done yet. Next month. (Ugh) READ COMMENT