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Horrible Cheek Lift/Midface Lift by Mark E Richards

I don't recommend this procedure or this doctor. I look older and odd. I have Droopy wide muscular rectangular face with deep nasolabial folds. When I smile, I see a line above my upper lips and deepest nasolabial fold. Bunching of cheeks under eye when I laugh and look disgusting. My nostrils moves or stick together when breathing hard. All of these happened after this surgery by Mark E... READ MORE

Questions from Deformity

Can I have a high SMAS facelift after subperiosfeal midface lift to lift my cheeks & remove slight jowls?

I had a midface lift about 8 weeks ago & it looks bad. My cheeks are droopy especially in outer side & horizontal which make my face abnormally wide & assymetry.... READ MORE

Can a high smas lift lift my upper cheeks? How can I find a doctor who does this procedure?

I had a cheek lift about 2 months ago which i thought was a smas lift but after surgery from droopy face/cheek & horrible recovery plus googling i realized it was... READ MORE

What's the name of procedure that could redo subperiosteal midface lift?

I had a clear idea of what i wanted but didn't know the name of the procedure so i only asked for cheek lift & showed what i want to achieve but after surgery, i realized... READ MORE

What can fix my face? Slightly loose tissue/skin, Upper lip turned inward from droopy cheeks and looks short. Hollow lower face?

I had a sudden weight gain and loss which made me look very different and older all o the sudden, I was told I look 13-16 years old. I did a subperiosteal midface lift 2 month... READ MORE

What can I do after the surgery that made me look deformed, older and not achieving anything that was promised by the surgeon?

I had a subperiosteal midface lift, cheeks still as droopy as before but now I have a creepy abnormal face and skin too. I spent a lot of my savings and now going through a... READ MORE

Short, thin upper lip after subperiosteal midface, upper lip is asymmetric. Lip lift, fat, implant or permanent filler? (photo)

Had a sever weight loss and got droopy cheeks that turned my upper lip corners, inward. Subperiosteal midface lift didn't do anything but made it worse but doctor said it will... READ MORE

High SMAS facelift or MACS lift for droopy upper cheeks and slight jewels from weight loss?

I had an unsuccessful midface lift about 3 month ago which caused assymetric lips and hollow lower cheeks. Cheeks are horizontal not lifted at all (pulled to side rather than... READ MORE

How and when I can redo a mid face lift? It's been 5 months and I'm so depressed and desperate to redo it ASAP (Photo)

I wanted to tighten my cheeks a bit and saw a doctor, unfortunately doctor did something that I never asked for, a subperiosteal midface lift that cuts through what is not... READ MORE

What to do if given empty promises, misled, not given enough information about recovery period and type of surgery?

I had a Midface lift 5 month ago, I look bad, Disfigured or older. I was so excited by all things doctor and his assistant said my surgery can do but never said what and how... READ MORE

Desperately looking for a doctor to redo a horrible Midface lift.

I had a sudden weight gain and weight loss that caused excess skin and droopy fat. I had a clear idea and showed him what I want. Having big cheek bones naturally, I refused... READ MORE