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I researched, planned, and waited for years before doing this. So far, absolutely worth it. I never had thick brows to begin with, then there was over plucking in high school. Lots of attempts at permanent make-up, which I never liked. Entering my forties, my already high forehead seemed to be getting higher. It is clear in the before picture that my brows are too thin and forehead too high.... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Volbella did not work for me. I prefer Juvederm Ultra.


26 Mar 2017, Updated 4 months ago

I am updating my review so quickly b/c RealSelf is experiencing some issues. I was advised this is currently the only way to make changes. I should say that I've had fantastic results in the past with the same doctor. Unfortunately, Volbella simply doesn't work for me. I seem to absorb it... READ MORE

Can't Live Without! - Scottsdale, AZ

Restlyane has allowed me to put off more invasive procedures for the last few years. So lucky to be aging in a time when such products are available. If anyone is not happy with their injectables, I recommend switching providers. It is all about the talent of the injector. Minimal pain, almost no down time. READ MORE

Talented and Personable - Scottsdale, AZ

I have been considering Dr. Holden for a facelift and wanted to start with something less invasive - a chance to build trust I guess. After 2 syringes of Restylane so artfully injected I look at least 5 years younger, I will never again have someone less qualified than a cosmetic surgeon injecting anything into my face. As for the facelift, I was committed to having the work performed in... READ MORE

Questions from desertyogini

Traveling for a Facelift

I live in Phoenix and have extensively researched all of the local "top docs". Although there are some very talented doctors here, I cannot find anyone whose work I... READ MORE

Eye lift or eyebrow transplant first? I am concerned that having an eye lift after brow transplant will affect results. (Photo)

I’ve been toying with this idea (brow transplant) for almost a decade. I’m ready now because I’m seeing better and better results in the industry. My concern is that at my ag... READ MORE

Are all on four dental implants sufficient to prevent bone loss and the associated excessive aging of the face?

I have read several articles lately that promote the concept that a single lost tooth is enough to trigger bone loss. If that is true, how can all on four prevent bone loss (a... READ MORE

Is there a standard recovery process for a lower facelift/facelift or is each patient unique?

I have read that a patient should not begin judging the quality of their lift before the three month time frame, and that it can take up to six months to see complete recovery.... READ MORE

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My review for Dr. Epstein is attached. The doctor has offices in Miami and New York. I believe he primarily works out of Miami now. I'm in Arizona, so I flew in and stayed for six days. That gave me enough time to get through the worst... READ COMMENT

I'll be returning to my tried and true favorites. Will be sure to post on how that experience is. READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear that, but I am a bit relieved that it is not just me who is experiencing this. Total waste of money. READ COMMENT

Moms and close friends - they see everything. ;-) Definitely no difference. Too bad. There are products and services that provide significant improvement, so why steer clients towards product that doesn't work? I'll be returning to my... READ COMMENT